bst sellers

  1. ATuringtest

    How to work out what would make a good BST? + My own Mythology.

    I’m not looking for ideas for a BST, I have loads and that’s the problem. I’m not really a businessperson, although I have found some simple rules that work for me. My marketing skills are limited at best. I can programme and have 20 odd years in commercial IT. I have 1 BST that’s doing ok...
  2. wize

    ATTN: BHW sellers. A tip.

    I’m a customer on BHW as much as a poster/contributer (at least in my head). As a prospective customer, the number ONE thing I look for in buying a service/product from BHW is responsiveness! I don’t care to much about you awesome graphics (and they are truly awesome, truly) my main concern is...
  3. iranker

    [Beware] Unsolicited Skype and Email selling Cheap Links on NYtimes, Mashable other editorials etc

    There's some people selling cheap post on Nytimes, Theguardian, Entrepreneur and huffingtonpost (which is almost impossible now to get) for a really cheap price. Few years ago someone scammed a lot of agencies, sellers here in BHW and other members for tens of thousands of dollars. This scam...