brand name

  1. iloveubanij

    Buying more domains of same brand name is beneficial?

    Hey, Is it still beneficial to have lot of domains which are redirecting to one website For an example :- xyz is my brand and I have so should I buy,, and other extensions. Is it beneficial for my .com for more online presence? Let me know what you guys think...
  2. Grayback

    How do you rank a blog for only 1 branded keyword?

    Let's say I have a blog and I want it to appear on top of SERP for a specific branded keyword, doesn't matter if the homepage or a post/page get ranked. And since it's a brand name, keyword competition is very low. So how do I rank the blog for only that kw without being suspicious? Do I...
  3. P

    Can inducing Brand Name searches in Google lead to penalty?

    Say I find a way to get 50 random people (real people, not bots) Google my brand name every day, click my listing and browse the site. I know PandaBot does the same, but it is done by bots. You think somehow Google can smell a rat and penalize my site?
  4. zenlagor

    Ranking For My Brand Name With Thin Content Penalty

    Hi Gents, Back in Sept 06 one of my whitelabels got a "duplicate or thin content" Penalty from google. I just kinda ignored it and kept on sending traffic to my site as normal. Anyway sales were down in 2017 so I figure its because mostly not due to ranking for terms, but because now my...