brand advertising

  1. K

    Clothing Brand Marketing Help

    Hi, since a few months I have been thinking of opening my own clothing brand business. I am a good graphic designer and I already have good designs of the clothes so the design is not an issue. The only thing that is stopping me from opening the business is the marketing, getting customers to...
  2. KoolKatz

    Looking For Top Tier Site Backlinks Guardian, Bustle, Seattle Times, Chicago Tribune ETC

    Hi, I am looking for brand / link mentions on any one of the following sites: / sg / com / jp / fr / Bustle Popsugar Bustle BBC main site or BBC travel ———— Seattle Times Seattle Medium Seattle Weekly Or any Seattle based news sites —————...
  3. A Jason

    Need an article written in a decent sized publisher/magazine

    Hi guys, I'm looking for someone who can publish an article/post on a decent sized publisher, magazine, authority website. The post will be about IT/Computer industry, in particular the telecom industry. It can also be a guest post. I will only need 1 article approx. 500 or so words to be...
  4. Mirkogiovannetti

    Marketing Books for building a brand!

    Do you know any good books to study in order to understand in depth the fundamental principles of marketing and to build a brand?
  5. kikmebiz

    Recommend me a site for T.Shirts, Mugs, etc

    Hello, I want to add a shop to my blog and sell t.shirts, mugs, etc. What company would you recommend me that is easy to use and setup? Will it be easy to add to WooCommerce? Or just as an afilliate link to a hosted store? Thankyou.
  6. Racheal Grey

    SendGrid or Amazon ses Accounts

    Guys i am looking for client lists of the above-mentioned subject, can anyone help me out, please? Contact Number, Email address or any source of contact.
  7. Pixel Groot

    What is the main theory to Persuade Online People

    Persuasion, right? Influence. When we talk about online interaction, we are, most of the time, discussing ways we can be more persuasive, more influential. We’re interested in social media to connect with customers, fans, and followers and doing so in a way that truly speaks to them. So how...
  8. V

    Looking for an advice of publishers

    Hello publishers and advertisers. I am interested to advertise my Brand goods throw affiliate marketing. I own this brand and I am interested in advertising it throw affiliate marketing networks. We produce high quality leather bags. Brand name - Time Resistance established in 2015. In first...