1. S

    What bounce rate range is good

    I know the lower the better but at what point does Google start to devalue a site. We want people to click our affiliate links and not set up camp on our site... Right? So what % is good or safe to get and keep high SERPs?
  2. sfidirectory

    1.92 % bounce rate over 11 days...

    Hi everyone, Have noticed my blog has had a bounce rate of only 1.92% over 11 days. Have never seen any site with a bounce rate this low before. Does anyone have a blog or site that has a low bounce rate? I notice that this is hard to do for a static site. Once I learn things like AJAX and Java...
  3. Ramsweb

    What is your Bounce Rate???

    Hi there guys I was interested to see what fellow blackhatters have for a bounce rate on their website. No one obviously has a 0% bounce rate and it all depends on the niche you are in, the type of website you have and so on and on... But, throw out your bounce rate % if you don't mind...
  4. B

    High Bounce-Rate with Acai and Teeth Whiteners in Germany

    Hey guys. Does or did anybody try to promote the acai berries or any teeth whitening products in a german speaking country such as Germany, Austria or Switzerland? I've got enough traffic on these pages, 50% from PPC and 50% SEO. Every 5th person that hits the merchants LP tries to sign up...
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