1. B

    A message for all bhw especially newbies( semi serious )

    Hey guys , been chilling out here with my dog and mind got thinking again ! So this is pretty much me bursting your bubble about bhw being crowded with billioners sharing the info in hopes of finding a worthy member to pass on their legacy Bhw does give lots of valuable info about SEO...
  2. thebotmaker

    [FREE] Bot Making Service

    I'll get to the point: I'm giving away a free bot making service. Rules: Limited to 3 ideas at a time only. After that I'll request for a mod to close the thread in the meantime. Bot cannot be too complex - keep it simple if possible. The bot idea must be posted here, after which the finished...
  3. hazzi

    Do you ever overthink about things ?

    Do you ever overthink about things like why me. Why was i the one going through something and what if i done this instead. Just curious.
  4. Davelabsterp07

    What movie you into now

    Though I am not the movie type but this boredom is killing already. Any movie suggestions guys?
  5. Davelabsterp07

    Who else is tired of this Covid lockdown

    I just wished everything went back to normal cos I am so sick of the shit going on in the world today. Are you with me?
  6. Media Nomads

    Attach Your Favorite Meme

    Let's entertain everyone here with the best memes. Add your favorite!
  7. Degen

    How do you know stewielenor is bored or traveling?

    You know he's bored because he's responding to almost anything!! Also he is in the buss or train for hours... And blackhatworld is just too fun. Is there a hidden reply Cap. Stewielenor wonders as he's going past 'Efteling' for the second time. This time with his bucket filled with fish.
  8. Noah Hawryshko

    I Need Some Inspiration. Share Your Success with CPA?

    I'll be starting CPA in a couple days. I have the resources required to get about 150-200 social media posts out daily. I'm going to split-test niche-targeted CPA within Facebook groups against on localized buy and sell Facebook groups, as well as split-testing multiple offers within each...
  9. Noah Hawryshko

    Does IM ever Keep You up at Night?

    Yes, weird question. I don't know about you guys, but my brain goes into overdrive when I have a good IM idea. I didn't sleep last night because my brain won't turn off. It insists on pondering every aspect or possible aspect of my good IM idea to it's logical conclusion. It adds up costs...
  10. Noah Hawryshko

    I See What You Did There, Black Hat World...

    Step 1: Go to Step 2: Wait for the re-direct. Step 3: Laugh.
  11. D

    another day over..

    I've got the feeling that time is running out and maybe isn't spent as it has to... :/ well, decided to have a chat with my friend Jim ;) hey, even don't think! - I'm fine, haven't got huge problems, lack of sex or debts.. just.. but maybe it is just an influence of Russian r&b band Kasta...
  12. Seariz

    Q & A Time

    Ok, I'm tired of reading all the little questions going on all over the forum of what happened to this, and why wont this work, and 50,000 responses to it and most of them don't even have a real clue what is going on. Not to insult them or anything, I appreciate everyone helping out, that's what...
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