1. umo98

    Journey to $1500/Month With KDP, Apple iBooks and more Before 31 March 2024

    Hi, I have been working with Amazon KDP for 11 months. Last year (2022) in March, I created my Amazon KDP account and published some books as an amateur. Over time, I watched most of the videos on this topic on YouTube, examined some niche topics in detail, and continued to create various books...
  2. UnusualSubstance

    What books would you recommend for business or in general?

    Trying to expand my knowledge & I learn best via physical books. Something about ebooks that doesn't sit right with me. Nevertheless, I currently have: The personal MBA - Josh Kaufman, 10 pillars of wealth - Alex Becker, Zero to One - Peter thiel
  3. noellarkin

    Jacob Ward - "The Loop"

    Just finished reading Jacob Ward's "The Loop" - a recently-released book on the side-effects of AI algorithms.It's a pretty good book, and an excellent introduction for people unfamiliar with AI and algorithms to understand long-term effects of trusting black box AI products and services. It...
  4. everydayimhustling

    Book Recommendations

    Hi all, I feel like I haven't seen a book thread for a while. Please comment with a book recommendation from your latest reads. Ill go first: I recently read "Can't hurt me" by David Goggins - I always thought he was some cringe motivation guru when I saw him on social media, but oh boy how...
  5. GenesisOne

    [ Must READ ] Which Countries Read the Most - If You Don't Read this You Don't Even Live in a Country

    One of the largest communities at BHW seems to be #1
  6. Purush

    Life Changing Books - Mine is - Getting things done - Recommend your books

    Hello Friends, Reading the book will make you healthy as well as wealthy by getting more knowledge and applying it. It will improve our efficience as well. I read the "Getting things done". Its detailed and practical approach of increasing productivity withour break our head. I really...
  7. lioneds

    A question to English natives

    I would like to know why your books are full of stories that are most of the time useless. I start reading, and then over time it starts to be very annoying. the writer spends most of the chapters telling stories about his wife or whatever. storytelling is very useful, but I feel that it is...
  8. Zagreus

    [Journey] Make $10,000 per month by the end of 2021! - Amazon KDP self-publishing books

    Prior to the journey thread, I'd like to quickly slide in a introduction of myself: I'm currently still in school (18 years old), but will soon graduate. My particular interests lie in programming / developing applications (whereas my main language is Python, followed by C#, Go - I had the...
  9. blorgon416

    What is the Red Pill of Money-Making?

    For those who don't know the Red Pill is basically a movement of men who discovered that everything what society taught us about women growing up was wrong. This movement kind of started with PUA and the release of the book The Game. Sure, there had been writers and thinkers before that...
  10. imccafey

    Thriller Suggestions Please!

    Goodreads has way too many books to choose from and I'm not sure how much to trust reviews. Open to suggestions for thriller novels!
  11. E

    books for children

    How do you think, can books for children be useful for adults? Why?
  12. ahmd awd


    HELLO People, What is the best site to download books?
  13. TheKingSlayer

    [FREE] Unblock all torrents - The only Link you need for all your Piracy Needs!!

    Hey guys, Sharing an awesome site which provides a neatly sorted collection of proxies of all the major piracy sites out there...formatted well, so its super user friendly. You can get anything from a picture book to huge applications, games and anything in between(anime, series, movies etc)...
  14. DesignCamp

    Which books had the most impact on your life?

    I’ve read quite a few books over the past years. I even read the most cliched books “The 4-hour workweek” and “The subtle art of not giving a f*ck”. Both these books didn’t impact me as much as they promised or their reviews promised. The 2 books that had the most impact on me and finally let...
  15. jefis

    What was the last book you read?

    What was the last book you read? Did you like it? Would you recommend it? I'll start. Elon Musk: A Mission to Save the World by Anna Crowley Redding. This is the only book I've read about him. It was quite short, but I liked it. The man's a genius. He deserves his billions 100%. The book...
  16. S

    My Writing And Publishing Journey 2020.

    My Writing And Publishing Journey 2020 - Challenge To Write And Publish Half A Million Words In 160 Days. I am giving myself this public challenge because I need a kick in my lazy butt. The first time I gave myself a 30 writing challenge, I posted about it in a Facebook group. Surprisingly...
  17. E


    Hi everyone! Have you started reading more books during quarantine?
  18. Jamaicanghost

    The 48 Laws Of Power - Second Read- A must read in 2020

    Decide to reread The 48 Laws Of Power again and share it with you guys. Must read if you want to understand, gain and control power, I must say don't try to read it all at once while practising the laws. Once you understand these laws you will realise when someone else is using them against you...
  19. THE MAN1

    Is there any trick to get Amazon best seller badge?

    Hi, I write books for selling Amazon, am wondering if there is any trick to get Amazon best seller badge easily, if you know please help me out.
  20. R

    KDP Keywords - trying to rank my book

    I think my book might be invisible on amazon! I am using the wrong 7 internal - meta keywords. Can someone help?
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