1. A

    Expert Writer in Fitness/Powerlifting Niche

    As title says... Need only Experts who can write in-depth exercise guides and workout programs. Knowledge of Powerlifting, Bodybuilding, Strongman is must! Quote your price per 1000 words!
  2. M

    Best fitness/s&c/sports pods on instagram $

    Hi everyone, I'm searching for good engagement groups on instagram. So if any of you have good Pods to recommend in fitness, bodybuilding, sports in general, he can share them here ! Thank you !
  3. L

    Facebook Bodybuilding Page 5,300 organic likes ready to sale

    I don't know where to post this so I guess I'll just post it here since it is the only part of the forum I've posted. If anyone is interested let me know.
  4. G

    Need someone to help me bring new clients for personal training

    I am a certified personal trainer and a certified nutritionist. I have 15 years plus knowledge and I enjoy helping others out. I am looking to find a way to bring new clients if someone understands what I'm looking for and can help me out please let me know. thanks

    Marijuana & Bodybuilding ...In Holland you can order your grave if you say MARIJUANA should be forbidden... Let me know your thoughts about what this guy is saying. Thanks.:cool2:
  6. xoxxx

    Ask me anything relating to lifting weights/workingout.

    Ive been read tons of great information on this board, So I figured that its my turn to give back. Ive been working out for about 2 years now and have learned a good bit about it. Im not trying to brag, but simpley state a fact, When I was 16 I was able to bench 225 squat 350 and deadlift 400+...
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