blue check

  1. R

    I need Verification (Blue Tick) for Facebook, Instagram and Youtube

    Hello, hope everyone is doing great I need verification for mentioned social media platforms with reasonable price, anyone can do it DM me, please Many Thanks
  2. Caviston


    I just received a meta notification to get the blue check. Paid, put my ID and now im verified for $15 per month. That account is based in South America... I guess the blue tick service is finally over. Hope you can get it too
  3. nikolavinci

    [1 Free Review Copy] TikTok Verification for Public Figures

    Hey BHW , I am looking for a reviewer for my TikTok Verification Service. Looking for TikTok Verification? If you are a public figure (Creator, Musician, Artist, Actor, Model, Public Figure) who is already verified on Instagram, YouTube, or other social with good press and are looking to get...
  4. D

    Need IG verification!

    I represent a music band and I want to verify their IG account. Budget is not too big since it's an independent band. We have gathered tons and tons of press over the years, we have a wiki page as well as verified FB. This should be easy for anyone with access to Media Portal.
  5. N

    Looking for Instagram/IG Verification -- Blue Check/Blue Tick

    Hi! I'm looking for Instagram Verification! Please pm me details, as well as costs, previous reviews, and requirements. If there is an option for a PR campaign please include that too. Thank you!
  6. H

    Instagram Verification via Facebook Media Partner Panel???

    Has anyone been seeing instagram verification comments. As in people asking you to DM to get verified for $250. Alot of the accounts used for these comments are random yet verified. i.e a Ugandan soccer player at an American University with less than 2k followers or even around 500. This is...
  7. bbbb bbbb

    Blue check on IG??

    How to people get this blue check mark on IG...I gotta guy on my facebook acting like he is God because he can do this for people (who pay)...My partner said lets pay and I said.....NOPE, let me ask BHW first!! They might be able to help us out???????
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