Blue check on IG??

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Feb 16, 2017
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How to people get this blue check mark on IG...I gotta guy on my facebook acting like he is God because he can do this for people (who pay)...My partner said lets pay and I said.....NOPE, let me ask BHW first!! They might be able to help us out???????
you must be famous, have lots of followers, good engagement.

he might work for ig or he has a friend. other than that im not sure since ig doesn’t have blue check requests
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Thats nuts because i know alot of people who have the blue tick and they are not famous lol...just some mediocre musicians with 14k followers at the most and BAM they get a tick
I don't know anymore.. this whole "black market" for blue checks seems to not exist tbh
If it's true then don't pay upfront. Pay after service has been done
Here's why IG verification is so difficult and expensive.
  1. You need a contact at Instagram
  2. Contact has to send in a request for you
  3. So if you aren't actually famous, request gets denied, jeopardizes IG employee
  4. 1000s of qualified people want the blue tick - - HIGH SUPPLY -- LOW DEMAND -- $5K or more
Anyone know of a method or a person who can get an account verified?
So many of these threads are popping up. I repeat this can be done only through some current working bug. An employee will never get this done for you for some money.
I am not sure it is doing via bug or not. But i have seen 2 profile who got blue tick. If its bug also , i want to that bug.
I am not sure it is doing via bug or not. But i have seen 2 profile who got blue tick. If its bug also , i want to that bug.
Can you share usernames of that profile?
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There have been literally hundreds of threads on bhw about getting blue tick. Most of the people promising blue tick are faking it and scammers, the ones who know legitly how to do it are hard to get in touch with.
I gotta guy on my Facebook who does em for music artist/ETC. He does them with no problem at all....I witnessed this guy do it several times, He is manager for music artist before anything so maybe there is a connection he has on the inside....If I know how to reply with some photos i'd show you what I mean (help)....
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