1. OgSneakyPimp

    Bloggergenerator and blogslammer

    ok i was wondering can i use blogger generator to build like 5 blogs per week with scraped content and post my links in them.... also if i only use it to build about 5 blogs will the blogs last i have heard of people putting out 10,000 blogs for quick spam efforts which work but...
  2. F

    Blog Farming: The ideal model or How not to raise a red flag and get penalized by SEs

    Hi, I am new to Blog Farming and started to create and populate MU blogs with Rjhere's tools, namely BlogSlammer Pro edition and BlogSlammer Server edition about two months ago. I have been reading a lot recently about blog farming and issues related to Google penalizing, blacklisting or...
  3. C

    Blogslammer - any suggests?

    As many ppl here told me, it would be that great, i bought blogslammer for setting up blogfarms. maybe i am using it only the wrong way or am too dumb or something but i dont understand which value blogslammer actually adds. of course i can register 100 blogs in 1-2 days automatically.. but...
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