Blog Farming: The ideal model or How not to raise a red flag and get penalized by SEs

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    I am new to Blog Farming and started to create and populate MU blogs with Rjhere's tools, namely BlogSlammer Pro edition and BlogSlammer Server edition about two months ago.

    I have been reading a lot recently about blog farming and issues related to Google penalizing, blacklisting or banning blogs pertaining to blog farms, and I'd like experienced blog farmers to share their thoughts about the current "ideal" blog farm models, or how to stay under the radar.

    Most of you have probably read the following article:


    It's a very interesting article about how to start creating effective blog farms without raising red flags, and how to make them last in the SERPs. However, in the article the author advises a few Blog Farm models where Blogs should be linking to each other and create a loop. Rjhere, in his Blog Farming blueprint, states that he never links blogs together so the SEs don't know they all pertain to the same person.

    So my question is, what are you thoughts about this? What is the most effective model and would you advise to link blogs together to increase their respective pageranks, or would you better not interlink them to prevent SEs from knowing they're all yours?

    Thanks for giving your 2 cents on this thread !