blogging backlink

  1. H1ghSky

    What type of backlinks are these?

    I was looking through one of my competitor's backlink profile and I kept noticing this weird stuff. They are all do-follow and when I open the link it's nothing but a blank page with 2 lines of text and a link to my competitor's website. Can anyone please clarify what this is about? I've never...
  2. M

    Healthy amount of backlinks

    Could someone tell me what is a healthy amount of backlinks the lifestyle blog should have? There are some which go up to 800k.
  3. BlueBuzzy

    SEO links packages / link building

    When you buy packages or build links, do you have to do this just for the main page or for literally every post on the blog? What would be the smartest and most cost efficient way?
  4. R

    Feeling Depressed - Need Advice

    Hello everyone, i am feeling depressed due to unsuccessful in blogging. i have 4 websites from 2013. in 2013 i made a blog and feed up with so many posts and i was earning more than 40k per month from adsense. so i think i am at right way. But after 2015 responsive alogrithm smashed my...
  5. Kelvinjw

    Backlink issues yet unsolved

    Hello everyone I am new to blogging and my blog provides solutions to a specific mobile phone's problems that is mostly used in Nigeria. My primary traffic source over the past few months is from Google search engine. My keywords have low competitions yet average daily clicks from Google search...
  6. M

    Newbie to Blog linking here!

    I need some help on how to get backlinks to a RE blog. I have no clue where to begin. I do normal linking for the RE sites, but am a totally dummy when it comes to blogs.. Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated
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