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  1. G

    Need Help in Blogger

    Once I decided to do affiliate marketing and decided to make a blog on blogger. I was dreaming to have millions of views and to get rich. The results were slightly different. I made two posts. One I promoted over FB in groups and and second was left as it was. Total pageviews 38 for first one...
  2. Z

    Blog with 80.000 views per day and google page rank 0/10 - Why?

    Hello everyone I have a blog who generate about 80,000 views per day. Views have increased since January ..... so I've never fallen below 80,000 daily views until then. The blog is one of health and spirituality, and i have 99% of unique articles. However, google page rank is 0/10 Can...
  3. M

    Need SEO help advice for Blogger/site

    It's been 4 years I have built a blog on blogger. I didn't know anything about that but I ve learnt some through the proceduce. I also didn't pay attention to facebook page but to facebook profile. Anyway almost 2 years ago I built a facebook page that nowdays has 9300 likes and readers. So as...
  4. J

    need help with my episode blog

    hi all im just wondering how do i get more people to my blog its a episodes blog so i started my blog back in September the 30th 2014 and i need help with how can i get more people to my blog i know people will say buy a domain name and also buy hosting plan also i know i cant get stuff for...
  5. Suffocator

    I bought domain and its age is shown 9 years old. Please help with issues!

    Dear friends, please help with an interesting question. I have bought domain -- it was free for buying. I have linked it without any problems to my blogspot blog (like I did many times). Google shows me NOT my title in search results and it does not shows my description as well and says that the...
  6. P

    Noob Question: Help with Traffic to my Blog

    Sup everyone. Long-time lurker, first time actually trying anything out. I started a blog about a month ago and I'm looking into making good, genuine content along with well, making some money on the side. I've added a few articles, I don't really have a specific niche. I'll be working with a...
  7. B

    Seo and Blogspot backlinking

    Hey BHW, I really need help with this because I'm well confused as of now, and sorry if this has been asked already. I Just don't know what this subject would be under. Anyway I created blogger sites when I was in Philippines and only now decided to rank them with SEO back here in the UK. When...
  8. D

    Noob question regarding blogspot blog

    Hi All, I'm from India. I'm running a blog posting daily tv serial videos from dailymotion. blog is 2 months old and getting 100+ views daily As per the adsense i can't apply for it upto 6 months. In the meantime shall i place any other ppc networks adds. What is the best ppc network other...
  9. B

    [Help] not sure whats happened to my blog ranking

    I'm currently new to SEO and google, my blogger page was ranked on third page just a few days ago. I haven't done anything to it,no blackhat or any other SEO as I planned to rank it today.I checked on google to see if its still on the same page and wasn't, I then used Rank Tracker and its not...
  10. M

    1 lakh visitor visit my Movie niche Blogspot Site per month,How to make Money by it ?

    Hi,I need Suggestion about one of my blog.1 lakh visitor visit one of my movie nich blog.I am from bangladesh.paypal,clickbank not available in my country.I allready banned by Adsense.What can i do for this Site ? Please suggest ME..
  11. C

    Ways You Can Succeed At Blogger And Make Money

    I see a lot of people try to make money using the free blogging platform known as Blogger or Blog Spot and I see quite a few get mad at the results they get and quit. Well I make quite a bit ( No I won't say how much or give out my web sites ) but I want to write this article and give everyone...
  12. T

    Blog site

    What are some good Blog site besides Google blogger or blogspot the Toad.
  13. D

    Need help

    what is wrong with my BLOG? i have used the dufalow blogs, and it turned my blog into this. many has posted comments of my article, pls check my post of my blogger, and its comments, everyday comments are coming, but really none sense...
  14. T

    Blogger ( SEO optimization

    Though blogger belongs to Google but it doesn't mean that it is fully SEO optimized. It needs to fixed those SEO related bugs so that it can compete with Wordpress. The first and most important thing is the posts titles. Google for instance, only looks at 80 characters in your blog's post...
  15. X

    Blogspot Redirect Script For Craigslist(3 Step Tutorial)

    If you have used craigslist enough for advertising,you know they are quick to block your URL to your website.People started using tiny url and other subdomain services to get people to there site.Criagslist does not allow this anymore.So i'll show you how to hide yourself from craigslist.I will...
  16. X

    Showing Adsense Ads Between Blogspot Posts

    Most of you guys probably already know this info but its good for all the newbies out there. How do I show ads between my posts? If you want to show ads between your posts but chose not to do it while initially signing up for AdSense, first go to your Template | Page Elements tab. Then, in...
  17. da buck

    Embedding videos on Blogger

    I have been trying to embed a streaming video from on a blogger account for the last three hours. I have searched pages and pages of content and can't find a solution. Embedding video from YouTube works fine. I tried using the code they use with no success. Does anyone know if this...
  18. S

    Best way to optimize and promote a blogger blog?

    Hey guys, Just wondering the best way to promote a blogger blog, my wife wants to create an anti-cellulite blog and I just set her up with a blogger account. She is aware of the keyword research done and all of that stuff and is loading it up with some keywords and it should be pretty...
  19. X

    I need Blogger help to increase traffic.

    I have an adult website/blog that i'm trying to get more traffic to.And i'm using free methods of advertising.I found a tutorial for using meta tags on blogger and applied them a week ago with hardly any results.My coding is in the right place,so i know thats not it.Do I need something like a...
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