blogger adsense

  1. M

    Please Help Me In AdSense Approval

    Hello Guys i am trying to get AdSense approval last 5 months but not getting any positive response 3 -4 time my site was rejected i am very doubtful what i do - currently i got low content value issue (2nd time) but i am to adding more content and my all content is plagiarism free and very...
  2. R

    What do you know about pop under traffic to increase adsense earnings

    I come across a video on youtube saying yoi can increase your adsense earnings with pop under traffic. Have anyone tried it here? Share your experience
  3. stairs

    How much should i spent on marketing for my blog articles ?

    so without considering hosting and domain name costs + the fees of writing articles , how much should i spend on marketing and gaining traffic ? i'm thinking about targeting USA or CANADA ( or any country that google pay good per view ) . and which platform is good to get traffic from ? ( like...
  4. Md Masudul Hasan

    I got youtube monetization after 12 months try.

    Hello Youtubers. Have a wonderful day. Hope you are well. It was my plan to learn youtube SEO. I was trying for the last 12 months. At 13 months finally one of my video went to popular and I had earnt 150000 minutes plus and previously was 120000 minutes in stock. Finally it went to very much...
  5. C

    Free Adsense Arbaitrage Blogger Theme

    I need a free blogger theme include a good emplacement & next previous button Any suggestions ?
  6. emvam

    blogger template help

    is there any way to use a page as a home-page without changing the URL in actually i don't want to show any blog post 'coz i'll only use pages, thats it. right now using Notable Light template
  7. 8hall

    A question about YouTube AdSense account

    Hi <3 So I have a verified adsense account that is working perfectly with youtube. I want to link it with a blogspot blog. I linked the blog successfully but after three days the ads are not showing on my blog. I’ve seen tutorials online they give a code and you just add your...
  8. M

    Can I Have a Backlink For My Blog From You?

    I am a new user of BHW. I think it's a great platform for knowing a new thing and share knowledge. Here, I get the opportunity to meet some great blogger also. As a new blogger, I need some help from you guys. Can I Have a Backlink For My Blog From You?
  9. B

    Getting approvals for the Blogs

    Your site isn’t ready to show ads We’ve found some policy violations on your site which means your site isn’t ready to show ads yet. Valuable Inventory: No content As stated in our Program policies, we may not show Google ads on pages or apps with little to no value and/or excessive...
  10. TheArtMound

    IT Is Beneficial To Create One Blogspot and add all data in that

    In My Opinion Always Created $ Block So It Can Help you Shopping cart Quiz Video TV And Blog So it can Increase Your Website Speed
  11. K

    Is it true i need many sites to make it in blogging and adsense

    Am new to blogging. I have build my first blog, is an entertainment news site, i have up to 200 post on it. And adsense has approved it, but am not getting traffic, so am not getting any earning. I discuss with someone and he said i need to have many websites. To be able to make it online. So i...
  12. K

    Hello every one

    Hello everyone am new here. I have heard so much about making money on the internet. And i believe people here will help succed on my internet journey
  13. Pimp p

    How can I get more traffic to my blog ?

    Hi , I started a blogger blog last 3 months with an approved Google adsense account, the problem is I've not been getting much traffic that can actually earn me some money , I was wondering if you beautiful hearts can help me work it out , Thank you.
  14. crissdinesh

    AdSense - Enabled for Blogger Custom Domain; Not for WP site

    Hello BHW, My custom domain blogger has AdSense which is earning less $. It's around 1.2$ per day. The site is 1 year old. I know that blogger's SEO is poor in nature due to the lack of many advanced features. So, I started a WordPress site but AdSense is not approving it (twice). The weird...
  15. Barney Ross

    Hi everyone. Welcome all

    Hi there. I'm from Sri Lanka. I'm a newcomer to this site. I'm a blogger and I'd like to get help from experts in this community and give my knowledge to others.
  16. Developer Mpemba

    Hi there from Tanzania, East Africa

    Hi there, i wish i could learn a lot about IM in BHW
  17. udayantha11

    PBN help

    I am creating my OWN PBN. It includes blogger , Wordpress and weebly. but not using TLD. Is it ok not using TLD? buy Expired domain is a must or not ? last ,i need to know that , what is best strategy to make PBN?
  18. wikimaldives

    Google Adsense

    Is it possible to get accepted by google adsense a blog with 10 articles?
  19. M

    How to write an article to keep up with the search engine ؟

    How to write an article to keep up with the search engine ؟
  20. O

    blog translation

    hi. just a quick question. can i translate English blog posts to my own language, and then monetize it with adsense.?? by translation i mean: using google translate at first and then make it readable on my own. i know it is lazy but would it work with adsense??.
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