blog seo

  1. Guntater

    Explosive Results!! Reviving a Blog to get +350% in Traffic in 180 days

    I've got a fascinating case study for you to dig into. Here are some key points that were presented to me on one of my WP blogs: New Content Strategy To answer our audiences needs and search intent, we focused on creating articles featuring: High-quality writing In-depth analysis Evergreen...
  2. H


    Hello everyone, I am happy to have discovered this site. Me, it's Hugo, I come from Belgium. I am new to niche site creation. Excuse me if I make mistakes in English, because I am basically French speaking. See you soon. :)
  3. Lord Of SEO

    ✅ Guide✅ 90% Success In A Blog Will come, If You Work According to This Rule 2019 ❇️For Newcomers❇️

    Blogging at present is a bright career. Many people have chosen this as Pansan and many others as professions. Apart from Bangladesh, many other people have taken blogging as a profession. Those who came into the world 5-7 years ago, many of them succeed today! Whether you want to blog or...
  4. D

    I need a SEO service

    I have a travel blog that I have been running for about 3 years and can only get about 140 views a day from SEO. I want to grow my site to get more travftr trough ranking my keywords on my blog posts. Anyone offer or know a service or backlinking service
  5. InstaNoodles

    [KEYWORD RESEARCH] How to determine low competition keywords for a blog post?

    Hi guys, What tools can I use to find low competition keywords in which I can reach page one with a blog post? I am running a social media agency and I would like to jump on the content marketing wagon to find new clients. Would love hear something about the process! Best,
  6. S

    How to use low quality, keyword stuffed content on your site?

    I imagine this question has been answered a few times on here, but I haven't found a solution. Every article I've read on google says to either remove or update the low quality content on your site. If that were true why are blog sites buying low quality articles? How do you use low quality...
  7. K

    Viral Blog content

    Hello guys, i wanted to start a viral blog, such as viralnova, so that i was preparing auto post in social media like IFTTT so i've created 300 FB page, 300 G+ page, 300 twitter account, 40 reddit account, 40 delicious account, 40 tumblr account, 40 pinterest account and 40 diigo account, so...
  8. U

    SEO help for Woo Commerce WP website

    Hi everyone thank you for taking a break from listening to views and hacking the white house there are about 3 phrases i want to be first ranked on google for. It's not a very competitive area and i know its very possible. any tips? I have been told to make blogs with the phrases but i want...
  9. LinkOil

    Blog SEO - Perfect for Small Business Owners!

    Hi, You probably have seen our earlier thread announcing the launch of Blog SEO packages on ( After the new packages went live, we did a lot of behind-the-scenes work to check their efficiency. Since we have rank tracking as a standard feature for...
  10. AdisLCS

    Need Advise: Install Wordpress in Root or SubFolder?

    hi guys I want to dust up some old one pager websites and turn them into wordpress. I need your input on where to install/reinstall wordpress to gain better seo. this is how it is now: www. my-great-domain. com/my-great-domain I have a 301 redirect from / to subfolder /my-great-domain where...
  11. C

    Plz Help Plz Help Plz Help

    I have one Blog on blogspot it's just created. any one can give me idea How can i improve hits on this blog.:confused:
  12. L

    Blog Commenting Software for SEO -Effective

    There are products like Comment Kahuna, Comment Hut and Fast Blog Finder. By going to related blogs and posting a comment, does it help build backlinks and increase your rankings? I launched a new blog about 10 days ago. I have several pages indexed and rank for some low competition Exact...
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