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  1. Jdeere

    Blog Monetization Methods? Top Methods?

    Hey everyone, I've had my blog for nearly 8 months now and I have been searching thick and thin for some unique methods to monetize it. I've came across - CPA Networks Posting specific ads per specific blog - Adsense - Amazon Affiliate Blogs showcasing 5-7 products, each of the blog pages...
  2. K

    My new blog made $2k with only 10 posts. Here's how.

    A few months ago, I didn't know anything about blogging and still don't but I am a big believer that the best way to learn is to get your feet wet. Despite the lack of knowledge about blogging I manage to drove 40k+ readers to my blog, get 400 subscribers and earn $2k with only 10 posts...
  3. K

    Viral Blog content

    Hello guys, i wanted to start a viral blog, such as viralnova, so that i was preparing auto post in social media like IFTTT so i've created 300 FB page, 300 G+ page, 300 twitter account, 40 reddit account, 40 delicious account, 40 tumblr account, 40 pinterest account and 40 diigo account, so...
  4. L

    My first blog ...

    Hi all i want to thank you for your tips and tricks i made a lot of this with your tips and trick... And today i made a blog to see if it's profitable can you tell me your opinion if it's i have been using the translate trick to make the posts and diggit and indianwhatever and mixx ... Here is...
  5. T

    Question About My Blog

    Hey all, I made a blog (It was about Computer Optimization) and it has been indexed indexed by Google. However, I am still only getting hardly any page impressions. What am I doing wrong? Thanks. Here's the blog: