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  1. MuDiab

    Is There Any Active Money-Making Autoblog Farms

    Is Autoblog Farms ( With A Twist ) Dead?
  2. V

    How to create i Blog Farm

    hello, my name is Vi and im makin seo about for 2 month now. I would like to have my own blog farm, to get the number 1 position with my keyword. Can any body help me? i would pay for the help :) i snapped already some expired domains with pr 1 - 3. Thank u :)
  3. rush7

    Autoblog farming, good or bad?

    Hi, although this is my first post on the forum, I have been an avid reader for a couple moths now. I try not to ask any questions that I couldn't find the answers to on this forum, but I do have a couple stacked up that I can hopefully get some help with.. I've read many autoblogging threads...
  4. G

    Blog Management Tool

    What is the best wordpress management tool? I have over 200 blogs and its becoming cumbersome fast... What do the pros use? Or people with over 100+ blogs? I was using "wordpress direct" but that is no longer an option... Anyone have any ideas? Custom software scripts? I'm desperate...
  5. J

    150 PR1-5 backlinks|50 unique blog posts|40+ C Class IP's

    Get 150 Contextual Anchor Texts Backlinks on 50 blogs with 40+ C-classs IP I am selling blog posts on 3 PR5, 2 PR4 , 7 PR3, 12 PR2, 26 PR1 of my wordpress blog network. Features of the blogs: 1. Blogs have 100% copyscaped, high quality content. 2. All Blogs passed PR updates. 3. All blogs...
  6. monsterclicks

    Free Auto Blog Guide

    Hey Guys, Here is a nicly done PDF format (no email opt in) for a 13 page auto blog guide that I wrote. This series of post originally was posted to my blog and of late its been getting a decent amount of activity here on BHW. Feel free to share it . . ...
  7. ch8878

    OK so am better off with just an Autoblog, or Autoblogs Farm?

    What I mean is will I make more money with Auto Blogs that are not linked to gather, or will I make more with a blog farm?
  8. G

    For the Blog Farm Sizing and Capacity Gurus

    I've heard the following "best practices" and wonder if any under the radar "major blog farmers" can help me out. 12 autoblogs per hosting account (so as not to raise resource hogging flags from servers) Each blog is about a different topic (health, wealth, happiness) Each blog targets 5 key...
  9. OgSneakyPimp

    What is the point of linking blogs/sites together

    ok so i have pretty much drew out a grpah that will allow me send mass links to one blog(my money site). but while looking at how good this will do at getting past google new questions have arised that i cant understand so check this out, hopefully ya'll can help because i dont get it. 1. i...
  10. MichiganManiac

    Got a BMD System? Please share.

    I'm trying to find a "system" for using BMD to promote nice sites. Let's say you set up a site to sell vintage pop bottles. ( or whatever). Obviously, you would use BMD when you kickoff the site to get some backlinks if for no other reason but to try to get fast indexed...
  11. K

    1st Blog Farm, Experiment... Almost set, need some suggestions.

    Hello, might as well introduce myself with a little experiment. Now I've been doing lots of research on white and black hat methods, and was looking for something that I could set up and run with little work other then monitoring. I already have some experience in hosting, and web development...
  12. F

    Blog Farming: The ideal model or How not to raise a red flag and get penalized by SEs

    Hi, I am new to Blog Farming and started to create and populate MU blogs with Rjhere's tools, namely BlogSlammer Pro edition and BlogSlammer Server edition about two months ago. I have been reading a lot recently about blog farming and issues related to Google penalizing, blacklisting or...
  13. S

    AC vs. Blogging

    Alright guys and girls, here's the million dollar question. Which is the best method to make money (chose only 1), is it AC (if you don't know what AC stands for then you should vote...), or blogging? There's positives and negatives to each one so vote for which one you make more money off of...
  14. R

    Blog Farming Newb

    Hello , I'm new to blog farming . What i do now , i have 20 domains , on over 20 different ip's . I build about 50 blogs per domain each day and post one post per blog . I ping all those sites , generate few feeds of my blogs , post feeds using senuke , also social bookmark my feeds . I'm total...
  15. R

    how good is this linking strategy for blog farm?

    blog farm experienced guys ..., below is a linking strategy for a blog farm. This current diagram is for 3x3 matrix. The same thing can be scaled to any length. At present i am planning for a 5x5 matrix ( means .. the blog farm will have 25 blogger sites) i am testing this blog farm on free...
  16. L

    Please suggest a hosting company for blog-farming.

    Please advise me as to a hosting company. This is what I want to do: Farm blogs where each blog has a different IP address (so that google doesn't recognise that I'm blog-farming). My question is: What hosting company and plan can I use to acheive this? (reseller hosting at hostgator for...
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