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  1. TheOverlord

    [REVIEWERS] █ SUPERIOR ARTICLES █ FREE Long-form Q/A Style Articles

    I am offering single article review copies to everyone for my hybrid AI-human article writing service. There are no requirements, though I do ask that if you receive a copy, you post a review. For Jr. VIPs, I am offering two articles for free. Link to BST to post review
  2. Myst3ry

    $3.5/100 words ✅ Irreplaceable SEO Content ✅ University Grade, Skilled Native Writers ⭐ Extensive Research & Proofreading & Fact Checking Included ⭐

    Do you need high-quality SEO content? If you are here, then the chances are that you are struggling with finding a good and reliable content supplier. Most offers are expensive and deliver content that is plain and poorly researched. That type of article leaves you without chances to outrank...
  3. Nubian Content

    Your Personal Long-Term Content Writer - Quality, Reliability & Relationship

    Your Favourite Content Writer is Back! That's right! After much success and long-lasting bonds forged on BHW, I had to leave to write my own book. But guess what? I did that, had fun doing it, and I'm back now! Who am I? I'm a published writer who has been writing for magazines, journals and...
  4. F

    I am planning to make a New Blog. But... Confused about this Questions

    Q 1. If this is a POST, then how the same post coming to the recent post every day. The content remains 95% the same, just the date and lottery name modified every day. Q 1 Competitor site: ( and...
  5. Frankmann


  6. C

    Amazon product reviews writer needed

    Hey, I guess the title tells all but there's more. I need someone to write review articles for my tech site. Send some samples of your previous work, preferably in the tech niche. I'll only pay through Payoneer.
  7. The MOOK

    Something For The Experts

    I'm looking for a way to start doing blogs for my money sites. Local business sites. I do not want to pay someone for the articles. I was thinking about buying an article generator. Then using a spinner then running it through grammerly then finally using copyscape to make sure its unique and...
  8. Pro-Hustler

    Best community for content writers?

    As we know, freelance communities are on another level of chaos these days. Making it much difficult for new people to rise as those with reputation, bashes orders. Is there any site worth the try for content writers in your opinion?
  9. Feketekalap

    Hi BHW! (Take 2)

    I've managed to break some rules with my first intro post, so here I go again. I'm a content writer, blogger and Internet marketer. I've joined BHW wanting to join a Fiverr review exchange group. I'll go and have a look around. I look forward to learning and contributing here in the forum!
  10. S

    How to use low quality, keyword stuffed content on your site?

    I imagine this question has been answered a few times on here, but I haven't found a solution. Every article I've read on google says to either remove or update the low quality content on your site. If that were true why are blog sites buying low quality articles? How do you use low quality...
  11. X

    How to Get Unique, High-Quality Content for Your Money Sites & PBN Sites... Fo' Free

    Alright, so let me start with a disclaimer: I have no affiliation with the following company, and nothing to gain by you checking them out. They didn't ask me to post this either. Just thought I would share this with y'all so you can decide whether to try it out or not. Okay, with that out of...
  12. Burn Notice

    If Content is King Then Repurposed Content Reigns Supreme

    We’ve all heard the phrase “content is king” hundreds if not thousands of times. Well, I like to take that a step further and say if content is king then repurposed content Reigns SUPREME! There are many, many benefits to repurposing your old content. Here are just a few: - People are...
  13. V

    article generator tool, what's your idea?

    Hey guys, i need an awesome article tool that can save my time and generate some valuable contents for my blog, ok, of course, i understand the manual one maybe the best for content marketing, but i'm concerning my terrible english cant produce enough for my blogs. i tried KM before but em, it's...
  14. B

    [Help]I need help for my site - details inside

    Hi BHW. I have a site that i ordered from one of the services here. Currently there are 4 articles on my site. I haven't started doing backlinking. I am planning to add more contents first so that my site will be engaging to readers. Now I am stuck on the content part. I don't know what content...
  15. C

    Scanning content for blog -- how to make this process easier/faster

    So I have this idea for a blog that would use vintage, public domain content that I would have to scan. I have an OK scanner (not the greatest) and the crappy OCR software that came with it. Can anyone recommend really awesome (preferably free) OCR software? Also, does anyone have any...
  16. R

    Content building for my blog ?

    I want fresh and updated content daily for my blog on Hollywood. I am not a contentwriter,so any ideas to make my content 100% unique by research and making it attractive for my visitors. Thanks in advance.
  17. S

    Free blog to email services

    So I'm experimenting with a different idea using autoblogs. The idea is that I'll take a site like blogger or wordpress and set up an email that will be used for autoblogging. The email will be something like [email protected] or...
  18. L

    WP Answers! Plugin

    hi, Anybody have this plugin to share? I need this, please.
  19. eskimo

    Cool idea for free content

    Hey all, was inspired by another thread a little earilier. This is a pretty cool way of getting free content, i think! Don't think this has been done yet? Make a website for an imaginary newspaper Post ad's on all the classified sites saying that you hiring fulltime/freelance writers (put in...
  20. R

    Duplicate Content

    Stay away from duplicate content hxxp://rapid*
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