blog assessment

  1. qualityContentBoi

    [JOURNEY] New Blog from $0 to $100/Day (Wix)

    Hey, BHW users and lurkers Have a new blog I've been working on with a buddy of mine created with Wix. Site: thedollarbroker dot com The Niche: Making Money Online Strategies, Tips, and Guides Competition: High Why This Niche? This niche can be seen as a tad competitive, but remember this...
  2. nichefoxscout

    How to make money with all these tools (DONT GIVE UP!)

    List of tools: ReHub Wordpress theme Content Egg Pro Affiliate Egg Pro WP All Import Plugin Niche: Chinese Smartphones/Gadgets/Deals Situation: I wanted to create a price comparison website/magazine for Chinese smartphones just like The requirement is to have it...
  3. P

    I have a Bitcoin/altcoin blog how can I increase traffic?

    Hey I own a Bitcoin/altcoin blog www dot Wonga dot top I started this blog back in 2016 ever since my traffic has been so poor atless 100+ daily . Infact I can't get accepted into any Bitcoin ads network or Google ads. Please I need good traffic rate from tier 1, 2 & 3 I just don't know which...
  4. B

    One Year Down With My Blog.

    Hey Guys, I have been an 4-month old member of BHW now and i love the discussions that are out here. They are very helpful in a lot of ways, be it social media or internet marketing. I have a blog of my own and i would like to present an overview here to create better understanding of the...
  5. A

    What is the average time to get a new blog to 1000 UV a day?

    Just assume for both of these questions that the niche doesn't suck. I'm interested in BHWs opinion on the average time it takes for a new blog to gain enough traction to get 1000 unique views a day. This is with typical SEOing tactics, no PBN, no major Social Media signals, manual backlink...
  6. A

    Am I Doing OK? Am I Getting Anywhere?

    So I have a blog about music. Just general music-new releases, music reviews, music videos, artist news and the lot. I know this isn't a niche per say, but this is what I like to do. I do, however, focus on a handful of artists, so that could give me a little edge over time. Music is a HEAVILY...
  7. 4alllifestyles

    US Air Force Blog Assessment

    I find this both helpful and ironically humerous. But then again, I have "personal experience" with USAF charts...
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