1. shawn_007

    Gutenberg Vs. Classic Editor : Your comfort level

    Hello Friends, Which editor do you use for your Content pages or Blog posts? Do you also use additional plugin / blocks to beautify or enhance your blog post ? What challenges do you face with Gutenberg or Classic editors? Thank you! Appreciate each one for your responses in advance.
  2. dotc0m

    New Instagram Captcha & 24Hr Account Review

    Hello, Just wanting to inform the community of some new warnings I encountered. I haven't seen these messages yet or heard them happen to anyone yet. Keep in mind I have mainly run accounts manually and all my accounts were created manually and ran manually. I have my own dedicated 4G modems...
  3. B

    What does it mean if my account has been compromised?

    This happened today randomly where a big pop up appeared on my screen and told me your account has been compromised. This pop up forced me to change my password, the reasoning they told me was for sharing my username/password to websites for fake followers/likes, and I have never done that...
  4. illusory

    Premium 4G LTE Proxies. USA, Unlimited, Massive IP Pool, Raw, Rotating, API

    Illusory Website | Pricing | Changelog | Roadmap Hey BHW Members! Meet Illusory - Premium USA 4G LTE Proxies Order Website: General ❓ Where are they located? Currently ― Los Angeles, CA area. Other locations are on our roadmap. ❓ What carrier networks do you have...
  5. 007accs

    Jarvee Instagram Settings - No More Blocks [AUG 2019]

    Another updated video from this guy check it and try it :). Also with the recent e-mail from jarvee I guess the automation on IG will be as it used to be 4 months back. Cheers.
  6. kommaihag

    Instagram know where we open email?

    Hi, I have a question. Can Instagram detect from where we open their emails? I have some accounts on Jarvee and when I get email verification, I usually open the mail from my home IP to get the verification code, I dont click on any link in the mail... thought it was fine to open email from...
  7. neoxdz

    pva wave after switching to dedi

    hey guys, i've been using jarvee for a couple of months and recently decided to switch some of my vps to dedicated servers, ever since then (3-4 days ago) i've been getting PV's on almost 30% of the accs on each vps, and almost everyday, i switched to vps again but the pv's still come, i have a...
  8. S

    Too many Like/Follow blocks

    Hey guys, Im currently botting around 10 accounts on jarvee. I got a good proxy provider and lets say 6/10 accounts are working fine without any problems. The other 4 accounts are facing like and follow blocks. Some only follow 100 of the planned 500-600 likes a day and a few accounts only...
  9. R

    IG dm PV and bans issue

    Hello people, i would like to know you opinion about How many dm are safe to send every 24 hours and should i use that kind of proxy to send dm ? Residential static / rotate 4g proxies static / rotate Private dedicated proxy I have many accs running in my bot but some are facing many PV...
  10. bbbb bbbb

    Action Block's With Jarvee and IG

    So I been getting action blocks on JARVEE Alot lately and Im wondering how to avoid this...Im using mass proxies I been using the same proxies for the account for 3 months now, do I need to get new ones?? Or what might be my problem here? I would really appreciate any help because Im worried...
  11. Bruce Silduk

    Instagram + Jarvee (Likes, Follow Blocks) = Impaired Growth & Ideas

    Hello all, I will try to keep this short due to limitations of my time.<< I wrote this sentence first. Then spent 45min writing the article below. It won't be short. Haha. But might give you a few good ideas if you have these problems... I don't have a solution yet. But I tried many ways, I...
  12. D

    Jarvee, temporary blocks

    Hi, I've three account running on Jarvee with three differents proxy (ig proxy from highproxies). Everyday, I stop Jarvee 3 hours to post from my ipad or iphone on those accounts. Today the three accounts got a temporary like block simultaneously.. Do you know where it come from? They were...
  13. G

    Following Temp Block with API

    Hi, guys. Lately with either FL or GMT2 i find that it says "It successfully followed X user". But then checking their followers, doesn't show my account. So talking with Support of GMT2, he recommended i try with on mobile app to see. And indeed i can't follow users on mobile app. If you search...