1. C

    PHP expert to update 5.x php scripts to 7.4 php and share the scripts here with the community

    Hello, Hope I am posting in the correct area of the forum. I have two old PHP scripts (not WP Plugins) just scripts with their own login page that would need a PHP expert to update to PHP 7.4. I am sharing the scripts here with this post. Hopefully someone can update them and share the...
  2. UniQuE7

    Blocking Improves Engagement??

    This may sound confusing but I read somewhere that Blocking people who don't like your content whether they are followers, improves engagement?? Does this even make sense and if it does how?? Its supposed to be based on making your account look more active. Hmm, I don't know about this but...
  3. tripz20

    Thousands of purchased/bot followers.... [Poll]

    I purchased probably close to 10-12k followers over the course of time I was at 22k and have cleared down to 18.2k. Should I continue with the mass purge or try and gain as well? One downside is it makes it tough to gauge my growth when I continuously see negative follower numbers from my...
  4. A

    Blocking inactive users x reducing followers

    I´ve been blocking inactive users for improving my engagement, but I noticed that blocking makes decrease the number of followers. It´s hard because a lot of people and announcers pay attention to numbers.
  5. R

    Mega Bot Ingram Edition: The Instagram is blocking me to make new comments

    Hello, good morning! I'm using the new "MB Ingram Edition v6.35" for comment. After just over 100 comments made, I am being blocked by 23h to make new comments. Will my settings wrong? ----------------------------------------- My Keywords file 19 lines (hashtags) My Comments file 8...
  6. K

    Multiple new Facebook accounts are temporarily blocked

    Hi guys, I have a problem with my recently created fb accounts.I created about 30 new accounts using dynamic pull of IP's. Some time after creation I was asked to verify them by phone number. It was made successfully, but at the next day almost all of them were blocked for 30 days on commenting...
  7. N

    Bypass "frame" protection

    Hi everyone, I don't know if I'm posting in the right section but here's the thing: I have web page in which are placed several iFrame objects, that open several websites. But some sites that I want to open within the iFrame object doesn't show at all or show a message like "The author of that...
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