1. blackmagiquellc

    Need A Few MATH PROBLEMS (calculus) Completed Tonight for $15 Paypal

    Hey, The first one to complete these problems correctly and post on this thread (not message me) will get paid $15 instantly (like in 5 minutes) via Paypal. I need these completed tonight with work shown and explanation. Thanks in advance :) Problems to be solved with small explanation...
  2. blackmagiquellc

    Need Reliable Dropshipping and Wholesale? - Any Product - Based in USA-

    I am based in the USA and ship in the USA via priority mail. I run one of the fastest fulfillment shipping companies in the world as well and I can dropship products. I sell top notch products and can provide sample prices as well. Let me know what you need and I can almost guarantee I have...
  3. blackmagiquellc

    [HOW] To Make $482,241.32 in One Month - A REAL METHOD

    *READ THE WHOLE THING BEFORE POSTING* So I was coaching a student two months ago (he was one of my first from BHW) and he asked me how to become a millionaire fast. I immediately figured "what a n00b type of question, I've spent years working with IM to build what I have today, there's no...
  4. blackmagiquellc

    [GET] Free Starbucks WiFi

    **SHARE OF THE WEEK** Okay so you all know that I'm a CPA junkie but I love to hang out at starbucks to get out of the office and put some methods together. Here's a guide to get Free Wifi at any starbucks. Enjoy :) Method 1...
  5. blackmagiquellc

    Sell Me Your Myspace Account

    I need accounts with more than 50K friends PM me
  6. blackmagiquellc

    [JV] CL Casuals Poster and AutoReply (Make $800 a Day)

    I need a very trustworthy and smart JV partner to post in the casuals section and respond to all the leads The LP is set up and the ad copies and replies are set up as well. You will need to be able to post from 50-1000 ads a day I will do a background check on you since my JV...
  7. blackmagiquellc

    Who's In Arizona?

    Post on here if you are in Arizona ONLY Arizona people
  8. blackmagiquellc

    Calling ALL SEO Experts and Workers -- PM Me Now--

    I need some really good SEO workers asap I need you to be able to rank very fast in Google and very strong. Any techniques are fine (preferably white and grey hat) I need you to be able to rank for highly competitive keywords as well I may need up to (3) different people working everyday on...
  9. blackmagiquellc

    I'm Looking To JV and/or Invest With People on BHW --- Got An Idea?

    Hello my beautiful blackhatters :) My team just finished running one of the biggest micro niche campaigns for CPA in all of history. And they are a bit bored. I am looking to invest (in ideas that you have and need start up cash, whatever you need, I have it) if you have an idea but...
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