1. Jans12

    And what about Blogger nowadays?

    Hello guys! This question is why I plan create a blog. Without buying a domain to test with the standard Blogger domain and I wanted to know the experiences of each one regardless of the time that was past this... (My English is not very good to say but I hope you understand the end of this...
  2. moneyzzz007

    New Google Update (f*)

    google remove submit url tool google(.)com/webmasters/tools/submit-url so , how we can index backlinks ?
  3. wsw030211

    Looking for forum posting service

    Hi, I am looking for someone who offers manual forum posting service. my conditions for forum post to get paid : 1. 25+ words required 1, post a reply&comment to thread or post a new thread with a link to my site. 2, No spamming forum. relevant reply&comment to thread and relevant new thread on...
  4. 18young

    What is seo?

    Hello brothers First of all please dont scold me because of asking such a noob question also I dont know what is the right section that I need to ask this question. :( I dont have an anykind of knowledge about the seo.I just need to learn this from the beginning. Guys pls if u can teach me or...
  5. Z

    The Guardian UK

    I recently got my account banned for flags of spam. Of all the posts I'd written one of them contained a link to another website and 10 mins later my acct was banned. I haven't been able to get value out of the site long enough to know if those links are effective backlinks or not. Does anyone...
  6. S

    Links exchange with my PR2 Adult site

    Hello I would like link exchange with other adult webmaster. Only PR1+ sties. My site is PR2 Write me PM.
  7. K

    How can ranked in top 10 without any blacklink?

    I have found my competitors have 2-3 site rank in top 10, and I use seo tool check it and found it rank fast and without blackinks, anyone know how can they do that?
  8. B

    Promoting new site trying to get backlinks fast

    Ok, I am new to blackhat seo. Just launched my site yesterday, I'm already getting a few visitors and my domain is found in google from my Y*hoo Ans*ers and CL posts. I've read about the software submitting method, I just dont have the patience to get all those programs to work and most of...
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