1. Bozuyuk

    friends who sell on the marketplace, which applications do you prefer for payments?

    Example : payoneer, binance vs.
  2. J

    Are your tweets getting indexed in Google??

    Lately, I'm seeing google is not indexing my account's tweets (automatically) I've to index them manually. Anyone of you noticed that google is slowly indexing / not at all indexing tweets both automatically or manually?
  3. K

    How Do I Level Up From Newbie On This Forum

    Hello everyone, I think I need some advice. I've been on this forum for some time now (since Feb 28), and I have more than 15 posts (currently 20) but I'm still a newbie. Does anyone here have any advice on how I could level up? It will be well appreciated, thanks
  4. luthful2

    Thanks to the team of Blackhatworld

    I am new but, I am satisfied for the service of Blackhatworld.
  5. 1

    Hello blackhatworld!

    I am login my account after 2 years laters! So everyone what’s up!
  6. bbrokeaf

    This Song Is Ear Cancer

    I was working on my IM projects while listening to music until an unfamiliar song came on my headphones. But my ears cried when listening to this pathetic excuse for a song. If you were on the internet for awhile now you might have heard of the friday song that everyone was clowning back in the...
  7. E


    SALAM everybody, im new here, i do technical support and im good at using AI prompts, i write and do portraits, i earned 0$ from internet so far, most of methods require an expertise and full focus on one nich, i think im smart enough, i just need a path, wish me luck fellas !!
  8. Bedazzle

    I asked CHATGPT to write me a song about Black Hat World

    With all this ChatGPT talk I had to make it do something for us, and damn did it surprise me with this one. This one got to be our theme song. I was lost in the world wide web, Trying to find a way to make some bread. But then I stumbled upon a place, Where I could learn and grow at my own...
  9. mahediblog

    Back pain with design background : Need to change the sector

    Hey guys, Doing IT related work since 2007 and print-on-demand since 2014. You know this is a kind of sitting job. Now I've severe back pain. Badly need to change this design sector. I have experience in Graphic & Web Design, Crypto Trading, Email Marketing, PPC Advertising etc. Want to make a...
  10. F

    Just curious, how did you get into blackhat?

    For me, I know this site from my client. What about you? Is there any funny or maybe a long story to tell about how you met this site?
  11. J

    Bulk External Link Change/Update Plugin for WordPress Blog

    I've a WordPress blog having many posts having external links to certain domain, I'm looking for plugin that can change the external domain from to in all posts published. It could be one-click change/update kinda. does anyone knows...
  12. M

    I Love BHW

    I don't make post usually but i feel the old spirit of BHW is not here anymore. I started my IM journey here. I followed so many journeys, I failed in so many. I hacked into so many. I did so many things. I want that spirit back. There's love here. We're just modern geeks No matter how much i...
  13. J

    How to index short link in Google

    Hi, I'm specially interested to index short link (example: https:// ) (which is 301 redirect) that twitter auto-creates when we post normal site link on twitter status/posts. I've seen following two kinds of links indexed on Google: https:// and https://...
  14. S

    why google show new blackhatword posts in couple of minutes it's so fast !?

    if you post something in this website goole index it in his search result so fast it takes only 10 min to be in the search result why this is happening
  15. Shaws

    Hello – I just came to learn new stuff.

    Hello, I am Shaw (tried to get the username Shaw, but no luck). I am a newbie here, as my profile shows.
  16. 1

    I bought BHW market place Seller Membership what is benefits?

    I bought today BHW Market place seller membership package. I would like to know what is extra benefit of this package? what. Can i do with this? Thanks advance
  17. goodbood

    I can't imagine the internet without BHW ! , Do you think that it will vanish one day ? If yes , when ?

    I'm very sick at the moment and I've went to the hospital 3 days ago and I'm still there .. So I don't have the power to work but I have the power to overthink ! One of the ideas that crossed my mind is that I'm a person who spend over 3 hours daily browsing BHW , what if BHW owners decided to...
  18. brandonwood

    A new member here

    Hi all forum friends I'm Brandon Wood a new member here.
  19. Starblazer

    How much do you like your username on a scale of 1-10?

    I would give a 10/10 for my username. What about you?
  20. Starblazer

    Are there any BHW threads with over 1 Million views?

    We can only search one forum at a time. So, I'm just curious to know about the most viewed threads in the forum. What is in your opinion the most viewed thread in the forum?
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