blackhat youtube seo

  1. E

    Youtube Type Beats Ranking Exploit!

    So I'm dying to find the right info how people trick the youtubes algorithm, to automatically rank their type beat videos to the youtubes search front page (ranking top 5-1 EVERY TIME and multiple videos at once) with NEW channels. I have been in contact with two of them, only info I have got...
  2. jameshbond

    How this is Possible can Anyone Youtube Expert Tell me ?

    I have searched for Exipure ( This product is Trending Now in Clickbank ) Review Keywords ON Youtube, and I have found that every search Result is From one Youtube channel, can Anyone tell me How is this Possible in youtube or Youtube is Hacked ?? :) watch this video i have recorded for proof...
  3. K

    BlackHat Techniques for Youtube Channel ?

    Hi Guys, Can Any one tell me the best black hat techniques for YouTube channel to Optimize views or to Boost channel within a week or push the channel into recommendations. Im pissed off with Organic Activities in last 7 Yr Thanks in Advance KP
  4. Masum492

    Another Shady Kids Toy Channel..

    Yesterday, I have opened a thread about to know, how some new kids toy channel gained so much views and subs a magical short periods of time. Today, I have found another one. The others were created about a months ago or some weeks. But, this channel have create in 16-03-2018. Please have a look...
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