blackhat traffic

  1. sweeside

    If you could get traffic from all geos very cheaply, what would you do with it?

    Hello, i recently found a way to get traffic for an incredibly low price. I have tested it for india and saudi arabia and got about 100-200k clicks in 2 days. And i think i can make it work for tier 1 countries. And I would appreciate if someone tells me the best affiliate or ecom or anything...
  2. Internet-Marketer

    How to Reduce CTR for Blackhat Traffic

    Hey, I am wondering how to reduce CPA offer CTR for blackhat traffic? I am using lander if I will buy junk traffic then it may not be click on offer button or link. Only get impressions for lander but not get clicks or impressions for reducing CTR. So, anyone can help me to reduce CTR and get...
  3. K

    Imgur upvote bot or some script !

    Hey Guys I am looking for bot or script or even website to upvoting my images on Imgur website if anyone know that or can help me.