blackhat tools

  1. Snqke

    Website Mirror Tools?

    Hello guys, i'd like a paid software to copy website (wordpress...) as it is and get all links and images links and videos links can anyone suggest for me any black hat tools for that? thanks
  2. backtobasics

    [QUESTION] Scrapebox Custom Grabber and YouTube

    Hi BHW and @loopline I'm making a module to grab more info that's not part of the YouTube Downloader Addon (YTDA). While I'm at it, I want to also capture the same info as YTDA so I have all the info in one place. I am struggling to capture the video duration. It is contained inside a CSS...
  3. B

    Hello guys

    hi guys my name is Bangbona i am from indonesia i am newbie here please let me to expert SEO
  4. aksh patel

    How to buy expired domain for cheap price?

    Hello guys, How to buy expired domain for cheap price? Please Help me.............
  5. PHPInjected

    [Guide/Tutorials] A short beginner's guide to BlackHat SEO ✔️✔️

    Hey guys! The last few months I've come across quite a few threads where new members/existing members were asking what certain terms mean and how to do certain things in regards to Black Hat SEO. This thread will hopefully inform those of you who are not familiar with some of these terms and...
  6. J

    Which tool rank on my website google firstpage

    I need a tool which rank on my website google firstpage and stay minimum 1 days on firstpage. And want to know which time need to rank on first page
  7. F

    Is there any tool that can extract emails from sender's list?

    Hi, Suppose I subscribed on someone's list. It may be getresponse or aweber he is using. Now when I get follow up emails from him is it possible to extract emails from his list? Or can anyone develop this?
  8. H

    [FREE DOWNLOAD] Twitters VideoHive Follow Reminder

    Bought this from themeforest, and it ended up just being some after effects files so figured I would share it! Enjoy: Download: https://mega(dot)nz/#!YE4SjIqJ key: !utwMzUf-5N3bVzw7PyKffBYqDkyOmVtuEeNZBS-cL5g Virus Total: Information: Twitter Follow Reminder Lower Third – it`s powerful video...
  9. Daddy1969

    help plz.. trying to find who is ranking for a keyword

    hello black hatters, I've searched the web and the forums with no result! Im looking for a keyword ranker checker (preferably free) with geo location that will show me which sites are ranking for a keyword from. let me explain, for example I want to check the keyword "mens shoes", I want to...
  10. B

    Text now

    Please BH How can I forward my text now number to my local sim for free? Thank you in advance
  11. bmanfacts

    $100 to spare- What tools would you buy to build an empire?

    I was reading a random old thread with suggestions for tools to buy if you had $100 to spare and wanted to grow something. However the thread was 3 years old and things have changed since then. So I wonder, if you had to (hypothetically) start your journey over again, and you had $100 to spare...
  12. N

    What's your favorite FB Groups Poster?

    Hello everyone! Now; I've had mixed experiences with different FB Group Posters and now I primarily just use MassPlanner for most Facebook needs, but in your experience, what is your favorite Facebook Groups Poster? Any you would recommend and work efficiently and without any bs? I've tested a...
  13. H

    Black Hat methods for Clickbank Niche Affiliate site

    Hello, I am new to affiliate marketing and was wondering what are the NEW blackhat methods to drive traffic to a website selling Clickbank niche Writing Jobs Online 1. The idea is to generate backlinks traffic by scrapping thousands of keywords using tools and then link building...
  14. HendrickOrtiz

    ScrapeBoxSenukeVPS Has anyone here in BHW used it?

    Hello everyone, I would like to know if anyone here has used this service, which promises to use many tools for SEO, I am very interested in using them but as you will see I am new to this SEO world and I do not want to be scammed Thanks! www(dot)scrapeboxsenukevps(dot)com
  15. djgbshows


    sooooooooooooooo it just hit me!!!!, wtf am i doing with my life!, i am a software developer and i can make almost anything that my image lets me fathom! So why not make a cpa bot, and not just any bot but a cpa bot that automates the campaigns that ppl on blackhat world show makes them...
  16. iluvvegas

    White/Black Hat Tool Group Buy Skype Channel

    Bc group buying is so much better among trusted memebers in a group. Please join me in a group buy resource for skype for black/white hat tools
  17. E

    Looking for project ideas to make (Bots/Programs/Scrapers/SEO tools)

    I'm looking for project ideas from BHW community, like what type of bots/scrapers/seo tools/programs you which were available on the market or you wish were better than the currently available ones. I don't mind if the projects are too big I'm open to all the ideas. Few project ideas I have...
  18. J

    Seeking Bot Creator

    Hello BHW, I'm seeking a bot creator to assist with a bot that needs to be developed to open email, client email address in body of email and respond with pre-created email. Any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks please inbox me
  19. A

    Linkedin Group Messaging

    Hello Friends, Any body have any update regarding LinkedIn group messaging or any other alternate of that? How we can reach to the professionals? I have database in Millions of active emails. Looking for suggestions.
  20. G

    Decided to buy licorne aio + GSA SER ($209) instead of Ultimate demon($347)

    First thanks for blackhatworld forum members. Still i am a newbie asked here about buying UD as my first seo tool. Most told UD is best, but they compare it with licorne aio,GSA SER. So i decided to get both licorne aio + GSA SER instead of UD. It saves me $150, to be used for proxies and...
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