blackhat cpa lead

  1. J

    BHW members...which is your nastiest black hat method for CPA?

    So i wanted to know what black hat method you use for CPA marketing and also how much you make from it? Also please tell the black hat books that can be helpful in 2019. Thank you
  2. M

    Does Anybody Know Why CPA Conversions Wont Go Up?

    Hi I am running a credit offer (Blackhat) Through Craiglist but then sending a email. The offer that I'm sending allows email and i know for a fact I'm getting a ton of people to sign up but the money isn't going up. I tried with 3 different networks (Maxbounty, peer fly, and Affiliateaxe) Does...
  3. S

    In need of BH traffic

    I have an afilliate offer that pays 9% the total of each sale and the average sale is $350 I accept and could use some bh traffic.... every and any forms as traditional marketing is not up to par at the moment. Sales are for tickets for live events across the globe PM if interested and I...
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