blackhat adwords tactics.

  1. snakeshop

    [TRUSTED GOOGLE ADS ACCOUNTS] [Aged 3-10 y.o. l With High Ad Spend $200-125k+]

    Our contacts: Telegram: @snake_support Skype: live:.cid.635431b6c2457043
  2. hustlersshop

    Premium Aged [1+ year] GOOGLE ADS ACCOUNTS With Ad Spend [$250-100K+]

    Feel free to contact us: Telegram : @hustlersshop_support Skype : live:.cid.497e107c71d6a808 E-mail : [email protected]
  3. B

    FB / Google Media Buyer Wanted

    Experience with cloaking Experience with blackhat ads Experience with high competitive niches Managed 20k and up a month minimum Experience with Ads/Images and FB/Google approvals Able to run multiple ads in multiple ad accounts, each one 300$ /1000$ a day spent PM ONLY IF HAVE EXPERIENCE...
  4. E

    hi i am new here

    hi ,i am new here .hope to get some questions and answer through the help from all of your black hat experts.
  5. A

    i need a black hat seo techniques all scripts

    i need a pairasite seo scripts for boosting our page ranking a short time if any one have good sound knowledge about blackhat to contact us and any one have blackhat practical clasess to please share your knowledge or video links
  6. A

    RDP's For Adwords

    Can anyone tell me that on Google Adwords rdps are still working or not if working then which rdps and also vcc are working or not if yes which vcc,s
  7. S

    Need someone to help me in blackheat seo. i will pay.

    I already have a team to do seo for me however i need instant results which are only possible by black hat does someone have excellent knowledge on black hat seo, (i m into tech support business)
  8. P

    looking for black hat seo

    We are looking for a professional with experience in blackhat seo to generate traffic on daily basis from serp.
  9. C

    Looking for freelancer to set up Adwords campaign and Rank..

    For company did a very good job with keyword research. The account is setup in Canadian dollars, but isn't a big deal. Over the course of a few months, we saw the campaigns/keywords that worked. Looking for someone to do a one time, fine tuning to optimize the account. I just want to be sure...
  10. blackhatwolf

    Hi everybody

    Hi im not old i have 34 year :p in this 34 year i have 9 year self-education for hacking strategies, techniques and tactics. Im not a human and i never love to be, that life learn me. For why im here, lets ask you why you are on earth? I agree for good friendship if person have open mind, be...
  11. C

    circumventing Google

    please i have a question , as we all know that putting pictures or names of famous personalitties is Forbidden in google policy , but i saw many application in google play use those keywords and pictures , how they do that , i tried that once but they didn't accept my app :/ , would you do me...
  12. S

    In need of BH traffic

    I have an afilliate offer that pays 9% the total of each sale and the average sale is $350 I accept and could use some bh traffic.... every and any forms as traditional marketing is not up to par at the moment. Sales are for tickets for live events across the globe PM if interested and I...
  13. B

    130$ Credit with Yahoo Search Marketing!!

    New here at BHW and think its a very interesting forum,reading all those threads..but want to put something to the test!! who can tell me how to use 130$ credit at yahoo PPC and turn it into a profitable opperation?as it would be queite tricky just promoting something and jumping in the deep...
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