1. Dominic Torreto

    Suggest me your ideas regarding BB OS in 2018-19

    In the Evolution of Touch screen mobiles I have used BB, Android and now IOS. In most of the cases Android lags after few months of my use and then I moved to IOS now. It's been a year since am using IOS it's slowing down now. But my first mobile is BB I used more than 2 years. I didn't got any...
  2. S E O

    Blackberryz10 Goes very low to 380 usd at ebay Really this is the One Of The Best Deal!!!!

    Hello guys hope all are doing well i came across to ebay today to buy a new phone for myself so unfortunately i was stunned of seeing blackberry z10 for very low price for 379 usd and who ever want to grab this phone for cheap get it asap untill the offer ends. Really the deal is going crazy and...
  3. Honestjoe

    Ricks mobile mad house, crazy low deals on mobile phones

    Welcome to my website. We carry a large selection of Mobile Phones, Unlocked phones & Mobile Plans and heaps of Phone Accessories We have a huge selection of Mobile Phones including: iPhones, BlackBerry cell phones, LG cell phones, Motorola cell phones, Samsung cell phones, Sony Ericsson cell...
  4. mohamed06


    Hey, I want hire someone able to code a BLACKBERRY APPLICATION. The application is a dating mobile application service and should offer some interesting options (geolocation, connect to bbm, etc). The freelancer should already have good experience with that and have done some good apps. ONLY...
  5. I

    BlackBerry Curve 8530 Huge Sale Huge Quantities!

    Hello, We are offering great prices on our BlackBerry Curve 8530 model. We have a very large stock of this phone and are looking to move many units. If you are able to move these phones please let us know. We are offering these phones for only 26.00 dollars per unit which is very low! Please...
  6. I

    Looking for Authentic BlackBerry Buyers!

    We have a large inventory of Blackberry's. All our phones are 100% authentic blackberry's. We are looking for serious buyers looking to buy in bulk. We have been selling phones now for 6 years. Please let us know if anyone is interested. We look forward to hearing back from everyone on the...
  7. I

    I am a BlackBerry supplier!

    Hello, We are new to this forum but have been selling cell phones for the past 6 years. We sell a variety of blackberry models at very low prices from new to used all in excellent to great condition and all function 100%. All our phones are 100% authentic blackberry's NO FAKES. We carry new...
  8. kebertt

    Authentic Used Cell Phone Supplier (iPhones, Blackberry's, HTC...)

    I own a shop in Upstate NY and get lots of new and used AUTHENTIC cell phones every day. Some are brand new, used and broken and detailed descriptions of each device will be provided to the buyers. All CDMA devices have clean ESN's, and pictures can be provided on all purchases to confirm what...
  9. K

    Blackberry and Iphone 3+ 4

    Anyone know of any Legit Iphone and Blackberry Sellers. Hit me up :) Thanks
  10. E

    Original Blackberry Housings, LCDs, keyboards, etc

    Hello Blackhat people... Im a Cell phone part wholesaler from NY. I get almost all blackberry parts at wholesale. I also have access to 500 Brand New Blackberry 8530s for Verizon at wholesale. 400 Black, 100 Purple. New, Sealed in box with everything NOT refurbs. Can do good deals on...
  11. A

    Blackberry Messenger and Whatsapp - Mobile bots / scripts / blackhat tools development

    Hey we are looking for someone able to develop, or contacting us with anyone which can develop BBM(Blackberry Messenger) and Whatsapp black hat tools , ideally also connecting with facebook. Initially an Auto Messenger would be required. Something like a classical facebook messenger script...
  12. V

    Very Confused About This BlackBerry Storm

    I have been looking up information all day about the BlackBerry Storm 9500. I have seen websites offering it for $300 - $700 There were 22 bids at the price of $660 on Ebay The Verizon website lists the phone at $250. $200 WITH a contract renewal. I found a wholesaler selling this...
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