black hat tool

  1. Snqke

    Website Mirror Tools?

    Hello guys, i'd like a paid software to copy website (wordpress...) as it is and get all links and images links and videos links can anyone suggest for me any black hat tools for that? thanks
  2. Snqke

    What is the best AI tool for re-writing content/articles?

    Hello guys, i'd like to know what is the best paid tool to re-write content for my website, what is you're suggestion? Thanks
  3. S

    Does an Auto Click Bot Work?

    Hey guys. Do the click bots or other services that click on your site or in my case a google map listing actually help increase rankings by increasing the ctr? or is it just rubbish ? If someone knows of a good service please let me know (only if this method works) Thanks!
  4. B

    Social Media Fan Page Interest Evaluator/scraper

    I am wanting a tool that can scan the interests of any (admin or not) fan page followers. Interests as far as pages they like, or listed interests in books/movies/or other interests on their profile, etc. I don't want names/emails or anything like that. I just want the interests. Is there...
  5. S

    I need any country number for verification regular work

    I need any country number for verification regular Work and long term work
  6. Erased

    Anyone tried Considering it. Is it worth it?

    Hello all. As title says, I'm considering the above service and was wondering if anyone had any experience with it?
  7. vivek.verma

    Suggest me some form filling tool

    Well not black hat, but am looking for some tool similar or powerful than Robo Forms, to fill bookmarks details, Business Listing details and classified details in one click if we have common saved data. Currently using Robo Forms but am not that much comfortable with that.
  8. S

    any black hat tools for collecting mail ?

    basically i need a soft whom i can collect all members mail from any classified site or any site. can anyone help me to giving this ? btw i am newbie on BHW....
  9. D

    Any tool like (or better than) TumblingJazz ?

    As stated in the title, I'm looking for a tool which is good or even better than TumblingJazz.any advice would be appreciated. Thx
  10. F

    Iframe Based URL shortener that can bypass Reddit and Stumbleupon ban

    Its my first time posting here and I have an epic war against Reddit for banning my site ages ago. I wanted to tell ya guys about a URL shortener that I created. It has none of the anti spam anti posting issues that some of the other URL shorteners have so you can use it for whatever black hat...
  11. CrescentSkies

    No Hands SEO or Scrapebox?

    My funding at the moment only allows me to purchase one or the other. So far I'm leaning towards scrape box (lots of reviews saying it's very powerful if used right, plus I can get it at a discount) but I want to keep an open mind to other tools. So far I've narrowed it down to NHSEO or...
  12. Z

    Why people still using AMR, wiki bomber and bookmarking demon?

    Why people still using AMR, Wiki Bomber, Bookmarking Demon, etc (no offense) that just useful for one type of link building instead of multi-type tools like senuke, ud, gsa or magic submitter. It is the quality of link created by complete package tool is low than a single-linkbuilding tool?
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