Suggest me some form filling tool


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Jul 16, 2012
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Well not black hat, but am looking for some tool similar or powerful than Robo Forms, to fill bookmarks details, Business Listing details and classified details in one click if we have common saved data.

Currently using Robo Forms but am not that much comfortable with that.
Lastpass also has a form filling tool inside it. Never used it though personally.
You'll probably need to start writing your own bots in a language like C# or Python. That's the next step forward.
Hmm, I only know Roboform. Do let me know if you find a free form filling tool.
Did you tried – selenium server ? It's very powerful tool and for free. I use it to fill forms at many different sites. If you are familiar with php you can write your custom code to fill forms. There is almost unlimited quantity of possibilities you can use it. The only thing I found hard is when a name of the form is changing like on and other big sites. But I think good programmer can handle this.
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