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  1. T

    INFO about 2 traffic software EPIC TRAFFIC BOT and TRAFFICBOT PRO 3

    Dear forum i want to buy 1 software for send some visitors to websites and i find this 2 software - EPIC TRAFFIC BOT - TRAFFICBOT PRO 3 --- 1) My objectives are send visitors to websites , do more campaigns (more websites) at the same time, and simplicity. --- 2) My 2nd objectives is increase...
  2. J Invitation

    Anybody know how to get invited to Is anybody a member and can invite me, please? Thanks.
  3. blackma

    Black Hat World Toolbar

    I would love a BHW toolbar to search the forums with. I find I spend most of my time reading threads that 'catch' my eye and not the threads where I am actually searching for information. A little inconspicuous toolbar at the top of my browser would be good for me. Do you agreez?:)
  4. revit

    Massive list of Blackhat Backlink Tactics

    I think the list explains itself: Download Area: What is available in DL area: 009-MurderYourJob (Giveaway Rights).zip 01 - Dealing With 010-FreeAd (Giveaway Rights).zip 02 - Show Me The Plan! - Part 03 - How to Create an...
  5. G

    Which software do yo use.....

    Hello All, I just have a quick question for all of the Black Hat vets here regarding the creation of adsense sites around sets of niche keywords. Which software would you use to take care of this task? I suppose this tool should be able to allow for template customization to remove...
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