black hat and white hat

  1. Renfield-Files

    Better rankings updating old content than creating new ones

    Since G last 2 updates I'm having better results updating old posts/content or just adding media than creating new content. I'm still working hard for trending topics and keep things up and fresh, but older posts are doing pretty good just adding more content. Even blogs with few backlinks are...
  2. J

    Searching for SEO professional for Pharma

    We are searching for a serious SEO professional who is able to analyse our website and is able to increase traffic on our website in a highly competitive market; online pharma. We are a start-up but strive to eventually become an authority figure by providing high quality content. You need to...
  3. T

    Is There Any Effective Automatic Back link Creator

    I want to know is there spamming tool for creating backlinks in bulk. I only about xumer for forums spamming.
  4. R

    Essential Optimization Tips For My Open Cart E-commerce Website

    Hi mate Suggest Some Essential Optimization Tips For My OpenCart E-commerce Website. Best SEO opencart extension, sites to integrate etc...It is based on US, UK, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, and EUROPE
  5. P

    Need help from experienced e-mail marketer

    I'm looking for someone help from someone willing to guide us through the process. I will pay your consulting fee. Let me know your hourly rate or what it would cost. We have a bunch of email lists. We're in a services industry. We are looking for both black hat and white hat style email...