black hat advertising

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    Introducing myself

    Hi BH community! A pleasure to join you! I m a sales consultant for online casino niche, but I m not here to sell my services! That s not the place. I m here for 2 main reasons: 1. Sharing knowledge, experience or opinions with other members 2. Who knows I may find some interesting guy...
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    Google Review Information & Process Discussion

    My competitors found a way to get tons of fake Google My Business reviews, and with all the updates, it still sticks. I want to be able to create my own system to generate the reviews without a trace so that Google can't see it as fake and take it down. Currently, many people say to use...
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    earn $100,000 in crypto with google advertising

    hello friends, I'm kind of new to the forum, I've been interested in crypto ads for a long time, and I'm sure I'm going on the road without susupend, I have my own strategy, this way I get rid of susupend Google crypto ads in 45 days with$ 100,000 of creativity I wanted to share my success that...
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    facebook marketers

    Experience with cloaking Experience with blackhat ads Experience with high competitive niches Managed 20k and up a month minimum Experience with Ads/Images and FB/Google approvals Able to run multiple ads in multiple ad accounts, each one 300$ /1000$ a day spent PM ONLY IF HAVE EXPERIENCE...
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