1. bkenn

    BH the return of the Mummy

    Just curious. Are there any BH methods that where once dead and have resurrected ?
  2. B

    Very suspicious spike in traffic linked to, cloning?

    Spike in traffic from Denmark, traced it back to Visited all pages twice, including Admin pages within the website. About 7 seconds per page so I'd guess not simply a negative seo bot trying to damage on site metrics. My guess would be someone used the service to clone our...
  3. onlyADULT

    Facebook ads success stories!

    Hey, guys, share your success stories of spending big budgets on your fb accounts (blackhat traffic)
  4. K

    Burn up adwords ads budget on specific search results with thousands of extra clicks

    I was wondering if there are tools which allow you to click the adwords ad on certain search results thousands of times and, thus burning up piles of CPC adwords budget of several advertisers. In the early days I used HMA but I'm not sure this still works, and I don't like all the manual labour...
  5. N

    Newbie questions with cpa

    I'm a newbie in online money making and I've many questions about CPA. Fist I'm a member of C0peac and Milln1c cpa network and I want to use zip/email submit method. I've devellop many method for drive traffic to my cpa affiliate links and many people have approved her email adress but i've only...
  6. R

    Free Domain Names And Hosting For 1 Cent

    Ok, So who all replied here - please dont post on my thread:D here is what i offer - So probably i need 10 new people. I will register u a domain in any extension ( .com , .info etc etc)...
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