1. MatthewGraham

    Meanwhile, on the Cryptocurrency forum

  2. jaysamuel

    Victims Of The BitConnect Scam, How Much Have You Lost?

    Title. Curious to see who fell victim to this unfortunate scam.
  3. ButteryHottness

    3 Guys to Watch in 2018:

    3 Guys to Watch in 2018: 1. Andreas Antonopolous 2. Brock Pierce 3. John McAfee Who else will become a powerhouse influencer in 2018 for Bitcoin and the Cryptocurrency Markets? (Mod Edit: No. Post it here or don't post it at all)
  4. C


    I have heard about bitconnect for sometime now but have just recently got interested in it and i saw i can make a tone of money with referral codes, loans and more so you must and defiantly should check it out ...
  5. Entriquit

    What payouts on a $130 bitconnect loan look like

    Hey there guys, I see quite a few people asking if Bitconnect is actually legit and if it actually pays out what it says it pays. As far as I can see, short term, Bitconnect is definitely a profitable venture. I am not sure how long this platform will be able to run for but, as you can see from...