Victims Of The BitConnect Scam, How Much Have You Lost?


Jul 6, 2013
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Curious to see who fell victim to this unfortunate scam.
Ive lost a million dollars...
When i read the news, i lost it man, i was so desperate about this , i knew it when i come across this first time, i knew it.
So i did not invested in this . But still i lost my pen, and I forgot to take my lunch,trying to figure out, how did they even get away with it, and they will do it again.
1 Dogecoin.
I wish I just hodled my one Dogecoin I would be in profit now.
I don't lose anything because i don't have $100 that time to invest on any site but i think they didn't do scam because uk government snd them notice so they just closing there business in uk and any than they given bcc token to all members equally to there fund if. They do scam than why they given bcc token
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