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  1. See Gre

    What do you think about BTC?

    From 8k to 45k+ in 3 months. What do you think about BTC? Will it go higher? It is the right time to invest or to sell BTC?
  2. megaMind007

    what are the best place to buy BitCoin using PayPal (need recommendation)

    Hi, Is there any forum or site which is safe to buy bitcoin using PayPal, I know a lot of marketer on BHW using BitCoin and buy them different places. can you suggest the site which allows buying BitCoin using PayPal it would be appreciate. Thanks in advanced :-)
  3. Gravitylab

    bitcoin payment gateway!

    i was actually looking for some kind of bitcoin payment gateway where my customers can pay with their credit/debit cards (not to redirect them to buy bitcoin then send it)when they receive invoice of payment. Im done with shitty paypal and their nowhere ending documents required. Though i have...
  4. Shabzy

    Payment Gateway Processor for Nutraceuticals Peptides. Bitcoin Gateway Ideas.

    Hello Guys, I need a payment gateway processor for my website which sells peptides and research chemicals. Seems impossible to find anyone taking this on. I was accepting payments via paypal before it got blocked. My company is registered here in the UK. I have implemented a gateway for...
  5. cheesestring

    Best Way To Get Bitcoin?

    looking for easy but good ways to get bitcoin.
  6. faithless84

    Bitcoin price levels/Attempts for new highs and liquidations !!!

    Posted yesterday 21 hours ago. 21 hours ago Bitcon is clearly in bull mode at the moment of writting of this article. Previous TA regarding BTC contained conservative approach as...
  7. T

    Looking for a current bitcoin thread.

    Hi BHW, I am looking for a thread that can provide tips on how to earn bitcoin for my services rather than a regular currency. Most platforms that I use don't offer this option.
  8. misantrope

    Best time to Buy BTC?

    With segwit2 cancel, BTC is going down for some time. What are you predictions on when will it "bottom" so we can cash in?