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  1. Waynetimi

    What's the best keyword research tool for bing ads

    Good day everyone Please, I need help real quick I'm open to suggestions Which keyword research tool or software can I use to research keywords on bing ads. I've used bing ads keyword planner, if I can get another one, I will be so glad. Thanks
  2. mon3y4me

    Microsoft Ads aka Bing Ads $100 No spend coupons

    Get $100 Bing Ads/ Microsoft ads Coupons with No minimum Spend required. That means you can you spend $100+$50 from threshold for a total of $150. About our Coupons: These coupons are for new accounts and unlike others, they require no minimum spending to be eligible. Why Bing ads? Bing ads is...
  3. cuiicasquerunbee83

    Will Bing ban me if I use CC from a different country?

    Recently, both my old accs from 2014 were blocked because the ads I created violates their policy / zero account's balance, ads need manual review etc. So don't wanna risk any more. This time I'll create a new Bing acc but would love to seek professional advices from fellow bhwers first. I...
  4. D


    BING, ADWORDS & DIGITAL OCEAN COUPONS ARE UP FOR SALE BING COUPONS Bing $100 Coupon(require about $25 to spend on your own before you redeem the coupon) Price: $9.5 Bing $100 Coupon(NO SPENDING require whatsoever-Just redeem and enjoy $100 credits) Price: $12.5 BULK discount available...
  5. R

    [GIVEAWAY] $140 Bing Coupons for FREE

    Giving away $140 bing coupons for free. Coupons going to endup on 30 June 2018. Enjoy your time adverting with bing ads. Feel free to give a thumbs up ;) ;) ;) 1AE73898A6D14C89 1AEA6CB1941A4171 1AFBBE8215EA4B3C 1B030E5E43E4440E 1B34AB0D8DA843A3 1B10200CBC634409 1B06AF3709444768...
  6. splashrahul977


  7. ssnfb

    Is There any way create unlimited $200 Bing ads coupon?

    Hi mates, I hear that lots of marketed made unlimited $200 Bing ads coupon and sell it or use it for advertising, but no one revealed their secret that how can they make it. I'm very much interested to know about this method. Is there anyone who can really help me mate. Really appreciated and...
  8. thexcity

    [Giveaway] Bing Ads Coupon Code ($200)

    Bing Ads $200 coupon code giveaway. The code can be used internationally. Rule: First BHW member who reply to the thread will receive the coupon code. You are qualified if you have at least 5 posts/messages.
  9. 10zen

    Got $200 ads coupon from bing, how to use it if you're not from US?

    Got $200 promotional coupon from bing in my email. But it says US and Canada only. How can I use this? Does vpn really work? I read that they track everything and can suspend the account anytime. I know many people are using coupons, creating new accounts each time. Most of these coupons only...
  10. joseph15

    [giveaway] bing ads coupons

    hey guys, i got a bunch of bing ads coupons worth $50 that i wanna give away. Bing ads traffic is great for me and if you use it right you can make a lot of money! They're only for new accounts (younger than 30 days). leave a reply here and I'll pm them in order until they run out!
  11. K

    Unlimited $100 bing ads coupon Valid for 31/Dec 2016

    Well I got unlimited $100 bing ads codes for BMW community If you have never tested Bing Ads before, It's a opportunity to try the system to see if Bing works for you! Bing Ads is the awesome way to jump in PPC. = > To get started for you need clean formatted PC. = > OR Super Cookie Removal...
  12. A

    [Unlimited] Active Bing Ads/ Adcenter Account Giveaway - 100% Free

    *** mod edit - freebies/giveaways are NOT review copies, trial versions or anything that leads to a paid service.***
  13. M

    Bing PACKS Impacted?!!!, Well we got you covered :)

    Yes It's true bing stopped combo coupons pack. What are you going to do? Just sit there and wait for bing to start accepting combo packs? Well, we know it's going to be waste of time and money. So, i was thinking about Adwords where you can spent $10K per month ( FREE ). Interested folks...