1. SEO Duke

    Binance to paypal?

    Is there any way to transfer usd from binance to paypal? (Not my paypal account)
  2. Caramelman7

    Cryptocurrency Trading

    I want to try trading crypto and my ideal platform is Binance,since it is has very low transactions fees and is a reliable platform. I know about analyzing and trading but it takes a long time and the chance of getting positive outcomes according to the analysis is low because of the global...
  3. R

    Need quick answers please!!!

    I'm currently on a binance futures trade, doing long on AVAXUSDT and my liquidation price is 17. I waited till it touches 23, but I think it'll go down than that. What should I do? Should i sell in loss or should I wait???
  4. T

    Can't buy crypto with Payoneer

    Hi Why can't i buy crypto on Binance with Payoneer? I believe it should work I get an error processing the payment...
  5. Meta Supplier

    Binance launches new payment company Bifinity

    Binance announces new payment company Bifity and with this company all payment services like Visa and mastercard will be supported, it looks like something exciting. It seems to make it easier to use cryptocurrencies in daily life.
  6. hercai

    I have questions about the Binance Mining Pool system

    Hello, I have a few questions regarding "Binance Mining Pool". I have 2 computers at home. In my workplace, I have 3 computers. 1) Can I mine simultaneously or at different times using these computers using Binance Mining Pool? 2) As I researched on the internet, I learned that I can mine on...
  7. R

    Binance hedge? Worth it?

    What binance hedge? I'm currently trading in binance futures with 20X Leverage, and making $25-30 daily in short and sometimes long too. I was wondering what is binance hedging? How is this beneficial for trading, and is it better than the normal trading? What are the advantages and...
  8. Affiliate3750

    Binance on Facebook

    hello guys , as we know , Facebook ads banned crypto ads, so how could binance advertise there , and its whitehat , with video and everything thanks in advance
  9. R

    Which Margin Mode? Cross Mode or Isolated Mode?

    Which margin mode is suitable and good for small trading in small coins in binance, Cross or Isolated mode? I will be trading full time, and will be doing small trades, just to keep going like 5-25$ in a day, also in a beginner so please advice me any tips too, I'll be really grateful.
  10. S

    Coins holding Liquidity for 6 months?!

    Do these newly created coins usually gets created for scamming purposes? I am investing in a coin that holds 78% liquidity for 6 months :/
  11. R

    Binance, Mana or Sand?

    Which coin would you prefer investing my $10 with 20x Leverage and 90$ on my futures wallet. So it'd be $200 investment with futures, so which coin would you prefer investing? I was thinking about SAND or MANA, I personally like SAND more and any advices would be appreciated. Also, in binance...
  12. Nw_Work

    [TIP] Binance Added Flexible Saving Option For SHIB at Same % as BTC!

    If you are holding SHIB you can now put to this option and make a small return daily and withdraw from it at any time.
  13. blackbit78

    Best bot for binance?

    Hello everyone, may I know which in your opinion is the best bot to perform automatic trading on Binance? priority to bots that are easy to set up and use. Thank you very much
  14. crystalwiz

    Do you HODL binance SC coin?

    What's your take on this? Do you think it's gonna moon exponentially?
  15. Razorfeast

    Which Coin to Be Preferred Right NOW ?

    I am planning to invest some of my money on Btc And other coins , But did not have much khowledge about which coin to buy , which coin would be good for short term and Which coin would be good for long term , Plus I would be buying from binance , so Please tell me that It have secure wallet or...
  16. G

    Binance Liquid Swap

    Hello friends, do you think its a good idea to add liquidity to Binance Liquid swap? I'm gonna use the stable coin pairs. And also the returns they promise I don't know if its per annum or per day.
  17. shiboshy

    [BINANCE LISTING] QuickSwap DEX [HUGE POTENTIAL] - The Next Uniswap With Almost ZERO fees using the Polygon/MATIC Network

    Binance just announced an hour ago that they will be listing QuickSwap ($QUICK) in the innovation zone and right now, trading is open. But, why do I see potential in QuickSwap (besides buying it before that)? QuickSwap is basically a clone/fork of Uniswap, a DEX where you can trade all those...
  18. R

    Earn Up to 45% APY on FUN with Binance Savings

    Binance has added FUN to the list of supported assets on Savings, value-added service to Binance users who hold idle digital assets...
  19. W

    BTC and authorities

    hello, I have a simple question... Is bitcoin really secret? I mean, if I open a Binance or Coinbase account and I send them my data, fiscal authorities could track me, right? Is it the same if I buy a physical wallet? Sorry for my ignorance, I'm new on this niche. Thanks in advance :)
  20. bestspinner

    I wanted to be diamond hand :)

    Just buy some bitcoin again today using signal from crypto rsi