1. GUC

    Binance Liquid Swap

    Hello friends, do you think its a good idea to add liquidity to Binance Liquid swap? I'm gonna use the stable coin pairs. And also the returns they promise I don't know if its per annum or per day.
  2. organicpanel

    [BINANCE LISTING] QuickSwap DEX [HUGE POTENTIAL] - The Next Uniswap With Almost ZERO fees using the Polygon/MATIC Network

    Binance just announced an hour ago that they will be listing QuickSwap ($QUICK) in the innovation zone and right now, trading is open. But, why do I see potential in QuickSwap (besides buying it before that)? QuickSwap is basically a clone/fork of Uniswap, a DEX where you can trade all those...
  3. R

    Earn Up to 45% APY on FUN with Binance Savings

    Binance has added FUN to the list of supported assets on Savings, value-added service to Binance users who hold idle digital assets...
  4. W

    BTC and authorities

    hello, I have a simple question... Is bitcoin really secret? I mean, if I open a Binance or Coinbase account and I send them my data, fiscal authorities could track me, right? Is it the same if I buy a physical wallet? Sorry for my ignorance, I'm new on this niche. Thanks in advance :)
  5. bestspinner

    I wanted to be diamond hand :)

    Just buy some bitcoin again today using signal from crypto rsi
  6. KJREDDY247@

    USDT should equals to USD Right? Am I wrong? Its Currently at - 86INR for India Users...

    Isn't that USDT should equals to USD value always? I just checked on Binance Its around 86 INR so if we deposit That's almost more than 10% Loss already isn't it? How do you guys get around these charges? (If someone in USA deposit USD in their binance and transfer that USDT to our account in...
  7. KJREDDY247@

    What Percentage of Portfolio are you Guys Investing in Crypto?

    What Percentage of Portfolio are you Guys Investing/Trading in Crypto? I am planning to move 20-25% into crypto. Planning to Grab some BTC at 41-42K Which platform are you guys using in India? Binance? Can someone give me a Idea like what should be the Minimum percentage of Gain we should...
  8. bestspinner

    Do you buy the dip?

    Hello friends, so I made this simple crypto analysis on Google sheet to track price, volume and add some indicators Even though bitcoin price is the highest but according to the RSI it is the smallest compared to other coins on this list
  9. cryptode

    Binance Futures Journey | Autopilot | Daily Updates

    Hello everyone. The purpose of this journey is quite simple. I use a bot for binance futures to generate profit. I have been using binance futures for about a month and I am currently on plus, so I decided that as long as I do not lose money I will keep this journal, among other things, so that...
  10. SocialManager

    BitMart: Cryptocurrency trading platform affiliate program (Two-tier affiliate program, 1 year earnings)

    Hi everyone! If you are interested in a new affiliate program in the cryptocurrency niche, I would recommend checking out BitMart. I have just joined the program myself, but my experience so far has been good. Referral Sign-Up Link Non-Affiliate Link They have 2 main programs that pay...
  11. squinter

    SavePlanetEarth Token Priced At $0.00000000861494 At The Time Of Writing

    Hi folks, I just wanted to share with you guys about an altcoin that I hold. It is called SavePlanetEarth(SPE). It is available in Binance Smart Chain. Let me give you some facts about this token: 1. It has a community on Telegram with 3,116 members and growing at the time of writing without...
  12. bestspinner

    Defi: Tips and Tricks

    This video covers some tips and tricks that you can use when looking for yield farming opportunities. My favorite strategy revolves around pooling/staking a single token in order to auto-compound the token for more rewards. Additionally, I forgot to mention that I was wrong when I stated that...
  13. bestspinner

    How im using crypto to generate VCC Visa

    Using this service Install their chrome extension, if you don't trust their extension use chrome browser like Brave if you use Google Chrome for main browser. I don't have a Coinbase, so I use Bitcoin Lightning to fund the card. I installed Muun wallet on phone...
  14. Dotfordough

    Lesson learnt - Lost 60k to trading crypto

    I started trading about 3 days ago and I want to share my experience with others. I had no in-depth knowledge about trading or cryptos but I had the basic knowledge that could make me search for a pair and put some money in it. The first day of trading was so sweet and I earned about 12% of...
  15. LiquidLeads

    Any Binancers here?

    Over 10 minutes Binance looks like a dead zone, trading stuck, charts not moving. Anyone face issues with them at the moment?
  16. 19501

    Free trading signal for binance

    I want to post here free trading signal for binance, is it comply with forum policy?
  17. alice252293

    Noob quesion about binance - bitcoin payment

    I just deposit $50 to my binance account. I want to purchase PIA VPN. They asked to send them money to their bitcoin wallet But how can I send bitcoin to their wallet from my account? I'm totally new to binance. Thanks.
  18. D

    Cryptocurrency/How to purchase bitcoin on binance

    A Cryptocurrency (or crypto currency) could be a digital plus design to figure as a medium of exchanging that use sturdy cryptography to secure money transactions, management the creation of further units, and verify the transfers of assets. How to purchase bitcoin on binance is extremely...
  19. D

    BTC: Hello, i don't know who are you, but i am trying to contact you

    Hello, I lost my amount of btc (~0.69) because of scam chrome extension (named binance ticker) that i've installed from google store. Now, this extension is not available (maybe deleted by you). It replaced my btc wallet addres and all my deposit was sent to this wallet. Please give my money...
  20. A

    Pump Group is it legal?

    I was thinking about creating a group to pump some coins, I know how hard it is, but my question is can it bring me legal problems? Im not talking about ponzi scams, just a group of people who will buy and also promote a coin in the social networks.