Binance MegaDrop: Free Money

    The first and previous Megadrop on Binance was Bouncebit which gave everyone that participated $BB worth $17 at launch which now worth about $40 for those that Hodl. Starting today, Another Megadrop is on the way set to launch on 20th of June, and to participate you need to carryout a Web3 task...
  2. R

    From where to Access Binance?

    Hello, I would like to use Binance. From which location proxy can I easily access it? I tried using a Singapore proxy, however it isn't opening Binance anymore.
  3. alphamaterx

    Alternatives Buy Crypto

    Interested in a straight thru exchange that allows the purchase of crypto, and DOES NOT restrict or limit me from withdrawal of crypto to outside wallet.
  4. vassom

    does Binance ask for the source of funds?

    Hi, so, I sell copyrighted content, which is somewhat illegal, I want to use crypto because regular payment processors are a pain in the ass. I've never used crypto, so this might be a stupid question, if I got funds in a wallet and sent them to crypto exchanges like Binance, to withdraw them...
  5. Digitly

    (Help Needed) regarding BNB Beacon Chain (BEP2)

    Hi, Please keep in mind that I am a complete novice when it comes to crypto. Today, I logged into my exodus, I saw this message: "Binance is sunsetting BNB Beacon Chain (BEP2) on May 6, 2024. Binance recommends converting BNB (BEP2) for other assets before this date." I have kept more than...
  6. C

    Blocked on Binance

    Hi guys, I have recently been frozen funds on the Binance crypto exchange, blocking code RW00302, I've seen here guys have the same errors, please tell me if anyone has solved it? and if anyone knows and has encountered, please advise how to proceed and what can be the outcome of all this? How...
  7. C

    Binance withdrawal functions locked (RW00302)

    On February 25, I was going to get a social media account from a member of a foreign forum at the beginning of forty years, so that we could benefit from it, money is sent all over the world, I was saving my day with small money by buying and selling because it was cheap, anyway, trc20 sent me...
  8. Harry_X

    Are there any alternative crypto wallets to Binance?

    Due to reports of Binance being temporarily banned in India, I'm seeking a safe alternative platform to secure my cryptocurrency funds. Is there any?
  9. Nw_Work

    Anyone know how to pay merchant using binance balance for small amounts like $1?

    What I mean is using any coins is it possible to pay amount like $1 without meeting a threshold like $10 etc?
  10. BossBaby

    10k USDT in Binance Earn Any better way to use these funds?

    Hello Guys, So I have currently around 10k USDT in Binance Earn it is giving me around 2$ per day in passive profits for just keeping my assets there, is there any better way to put this money to use for passive money like any other better platform that offers much more than Binance earn.
  11. Gurusocial

    I Got Scammed on Bitget

    Hi I got Scammed on Bitget Yesterday. I suggest you to not use this Platform because they also not help very well they can stop this Scam but they didnt yesterday early morning I went to Bitget to purchase some crypto as I want to Trade (Because Binance and some other exchanges are Ban in...
  12. Gurusocial

    URLs of Binance and Some Other Exchanges blocked in India

    So What do you think About this are aur assets safe aur Should we Transfer Them on Other Platforms Because the Binance App is Still Working? Till Now only there URL are not working and Which other Platfrom Do you suggest for Spot Trading.
  13. Arminio marketing

    Binance is failing ?

    Hello mates i don't know who pay attentions but the BNB coin it's dropping and They will probably fail since they owe a lot of money i have all ready transfer my money to a different wallet who thinks the same as me ?
  14. TOR SEO

    Binance Announcement Reaching Resolution With U.S. Regulators

    We are pleased to share that Binance has reached agreements with U.S. authorities resolving historical registration, compliance, and sanctions issues. We have been preparing for this moment and are confident that you will not see any impact on the user experience or functionality. In fact...
  15. W

    Binance Pay for USA customers

    Hello everyone, Can USA customers make payments via Binance Pay payment method? I couldn't find any reliable information. Even live support could not give a clear answer.
  16. Tanjiro B

    is Binance okay?

    I am facing this issue in my browser. my Binance account is running well in the mobile app. so is this a problem for everyone or this could be my network issue?
  17. MR.Spuf

    To my fellow Romanian (and not only) Binance crypto users

    So, don't know about you but I kinda like Binance and I am using them quite extensively. I don't trade or other things aside for some side trading but using it for payments cause I like to receive money doesn't matter how they enter my life. The big thing as you all know is the withdrawing cause...
  18. web3venture

    You will no longer be able to use your Binance Visa Debit Card from 20th December 2023

    Hello Guys , people from EU . Someone recieved a similar email about debit card cease operations ?
  19. B

    How to buy Crypto in the UK

    I saw some posts asking questions on how to buy Crypto with banks from the UK. Maybe due to Binance exit and Bybit Exit. So, I decided to share this Video here. Hopefully, this will help. This exchange support UK trading and deposits.
  20. MR.Spuf

    Binance.US Halts Direct Dollar Withdrawals I think is safe right?
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