big money

  1. Nw_Work

    Can Any Specialist Doctor Make $1,000,000 per anum net profit? Anyone you know that does it or has done it?

    So as we all may know when it comes to the Job role of Doctor there are so many segments after extensive training and further studying they will be titled specialist in that segment. Here is a list of specialties I came across online (random google search no way affiliated to links in the words...
  2. Alma

    spam doesn't work, jk $1.6M

    If the owner is here, good fucking job :)
  3. PremiumAds

    Looking for someone who can provide bulk domains

    I currently have a business venture where I need multiple domains, these can be used just for a few weeks and don't need to be .com, I just need to be able to get them for cheap, 100 domains for $200 for example. If you can get the domains for cents then there's a lot of business to be made as I...
  4. DarkHowl

    [Guide]How To Actually Make 6 Figures — No Bullshit.

    Another clickbait article? You should know by now that I don’t roll like that. Making six figures is about having money to travel, creating a side hustle, looking after your body, investing in yourself and investing in assets. Have good read...
  5. thomansfel

    [JV] Opportunity! $1000 per day min - $ per month goal

    I have a lot of grey hat traffic and I am very skilled in arbitrage and campaigns with huge ROI But I lack developed resources, a good website to monetize. What I need from you ? A website that meets the following criteria: - good alexa ranking - good similar web stats - search bar - must...
  6. Elin Dotsya

    Dotsya's Clickbank Journey To $1,000 Per Day

    I know, I know. I did say that I wouldn't make a new journey thread until I acquired all of the required skills. I'm doing this because @mancar487 recommended it. Instead of constantly PMing and emailing a bunch of people, this way would make things far simpler. If you recall from my previous...
  7. A

    Anyone still making big bucks in the bulk email game?

    anyone making bank sending bulk mail still??? $25k+ /month? what size lists are you working...? mailing to gmail, yahoo, hotmail....or cable...or whats making the most these days? Thanks for any info, much appreciated!
  8. R

    Interent Marketin - Looking for Ad Clickers - IOS APPS - BIG MONEY TO BE MADE

    We are looking for people to download our apps must own a apple device Install the games that show via adds, Once the adds are installed you load that downloaded game and play it for 1-2 minutes, Then close it off, You will be able to do this for 15-20 adds at a time per app. You will be payed...
  9. P

    SOCKS servers with rotating addresses

    Hi everyone! I'm looking for a service to provide me 100-200 USA socks ports with addresses changing every 10-20 minutes. I'm looking for a big pool of the addresses (around 10 000 in total). I've already tried Inferno Solutions and fastsocks, still looking for something better:) I'd...
  10. S

    Starting Swoopo Imitation

    Hey blackhatters, I'm looking into buying a swoopo script ( and seeing what I can do with it. Does anyone have any advice on how to go about doing that? Also, the script costs a little more thank I have right now. Anyone wanna buy it with me. We could split it more than two ways...
  11. R

    Hello, guyz and gyalz

    My name is Diddy and i dropped by hoping to find my piece of moneyland everyone of us deserves. I would like to tell you you've done a GOOD JOB with the forum and with the money you make, of course. I want to ask you which is the most financially rewarding way of making money in the blackhat...
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