1. damnez

    Bidvertiser Ads For CPA? I Just Deposited $100

    Hey guys, I just received an email from bidvertiser saying that if I deposit atleast $100, I will get a $50 bonus. So I did, I just deposited $100 to my account and currently it is pending. I just did some research about them and I don't like what I see. There are a lot of bad comments and...
  2. Leader777

    I think i Got Scammed

    I asked the support if the $50 coupon is free and i'm not gonna be charged yet they said no u won't be charged but i got $100 took from my account now i'm waiting on their answer. Wtf i just did
  3. C

    Bidvertiser. $100 fund minimum - any coupons?

    Hello everybody, I want to test Bidvertiser for promoting my product via native ads. Unfortunately I saw that it's $100 minimum fund. Is there any coupon or trick? Or do you have a recommendation for a better and cheaper advertising network? Yours sincerely Carl
  4. fmbaba01

    [JV] Your Adwords/Bing/Gemini (et al) Accounts + My Offers, Campagns & management =$$$

    If you have or can make Adwords, Bings or Gemini accounts (or any other accounts you can make in bulk) with huge spending, then we can work together. I do PPcall, and with your accounts i can set up campaigns, do keywords research set up LPs and optimized, and manage it. If you'd like us to...
  5. E

    Rocket script disabling my java script ad code on wordpress

    i have an issue with bidvertiser adsin wordpress and cloudflare... well first of all bidvertiser stops replying me that's why i am asking here... actually i put the javascript verification code with false attribute <script data-cfasync="false" src="/javascript.js"></script> in rocket loader...
  6. N

    Best PPC for Gadgets sites?

    Hello I have a web on technology gadgets and using adnow, bidvertiser they are giving very low cpc / cpm. Plz suggest me ? I tried on adsense but rejected :( i have a good traffic. thanks
  7. T

    HELP ME !!! Ads Bidvertiser

    I have some question, please help me :) 1. How do I make transparent ads (hide ads) on blog 2. How do I place ads on any position on blogger Thanks
  8. N

    Need helping setting up a cpc traffic strategy for my website

    Ok - so here's my story in a quick version: I Built a website that sells social media related services. Opened an accounts with Adwords - they immediately blocked the website after I uploaded a few ads. Apparently the content doesn't comply with their TOS. Opened an account with BingAds - Got...
  9. B

    Bidvertiser not showing any clicks... O.o Need HELP!!!

    It's been like 10 days since i published Bidvertiser ads on my site, but isn't showing any clicks. My friends clicked the ads to help me, but no click is showing... I also enabled pop-under but no revenue is showing. It's time to leave Bidvertiser or do I have to wait? Need Help..
  10. M

    No Clicks, Just Impressions

    Let me start by saying that I'm new to whole SEO thing, but I have been reading numerous post on this forum. I set up a wordpress site, with a SMF on a subdomain. I signed up from ads from Adbrite, Bidvertiser and chikita and got some ads to place on my site, however I'm not seeing any...
  11. K

    Bidvertiser for Advertiser

    Anyone used Bidvertiser before as Advertiser? I have seen mixed good and bad comments on them on forums. But most of them are publishers. How about Advertisers with them? I am worried it uses bots to click on ads. If you get too many clicks per day, it may be suspicious.
  12. finerpleasures

    $20 Bidvertiser Free Credit/Account For $5

    They just sent me this mail. Dear Jay, We have noticed that you have not been using your BidVertiser account so far. We are writing to encourage you to advertise with us, and we are so confident that BidVertiser will work well for you that we will add to your account $20 in clicks! In order...
  13. S

    Adbrite or BidVertiser??

    Which ad network is best (except adsense)? Adbrite or BidVertiser?? what should i use? Any suggestion guys?
  14. B

    AdSense Alternative: Bidvertiser or Adbrite?

    Hi. I know, that has been discussed all over the web, but still I would like to know which one is currently recommend by BHW as the best AdSense alternative: Bidvertiser or Adbrite. Or any other similar program for that matter. It might be also interesting to learn which of the alternatives...
  15. daffy

    Bidvertiser Hidden Cloaking Black Hat SEO to Boost Search Engine Ranking

    I was just searching about the payment delay for the the months Nov - Dec, then I ran into this article which was written on 2007 stating that Bidvertiser is Cheating on Google by placing numerous back links, and I believe that for beginners or for the extreme blogger this is the best...
  16. richarab

    Bidvertiser Question

    I have a really simple but stupid question. I just want to know how to let only the highest paying ads run on the bidvertiser ads I am displaying on my blogs. How do I choose the categories. And how do I maximize the $$ per click I get. Thank you
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