1. luiselmayo

    very low CTR 0,04%

    Hi, I launched a campaign on JuicyAds and my CTR is very low 0,04%. I used 3 different CPM bids from low to medium but at this point I just think my creatives sucks. I split tested 3 creatives, best CTR I got was 0,06%… I will use new creatives, I read on the forum that 1%-2% is a good CTR...
  2. serpentar

    Bid system in the marketplace ?

    Hey everybody ! Don't you think that a bid system could be very good in the marketplace ? For exemple when someone want to sell his website or social media account ...
  3. D

    Any Key for Google Adword Bid Management.

    Hey friends, I am practising on Google Adword campaign. It feel comfortable till keyword research but I don't understand how to go with bid management.? What parameters I can set for profitable bid management? Please help me.
  4. PenSeer

    $3 Paypal to Bid on A Site Listing (under reserve)

    Just need someone to bid on a Flippa listing for $3 through Paypal. I'll give you the link and price, it will be under the reserve price so even if no one bids above you you're safe. I'll just relist it. PM me your Flippa profile URL, prefer someone with aged BHW and Flippa accounts Won't take...
  5. D

    bid for top bidding keywords on 7search?

    what's your strategy? do you bid for top bidding keywords? or low CPC keywords?
  6. E

    Bing ad question concerning keyword bids when promoting clickbank products?

    Hi Everyone, Quick question. I just setup a new bing ad account to promote clickbank products. I'm adding my keywords and it gives you a couple of different options such as first page bid, mainline bid, top spot bid etc. In the professional experience of others is it best to just leave the bid...
  7. J

    Need A Bidder, I Can Pay Good

    I Need A Bidder To Bid On Internet Marketing Projects. SEO Projects, Web Design And Development Or Any Thing In Online Promotion. We Provide Best And Quality Services. I Can Pay Per Project Or Monthly Or Weekly. Contact Me:- Skype: Jayyadav147 Or PM Me
  8. innofidelity

    Facebook campaign paused and start with new PPC increase or ?

    I have started facebook marketing campaign and targeted using PPC , then i paused the campaign at that time bid as 0.58$ per click , seems it is cheaper for my niche. so the problem is i wanna start the paused campaign again , if i start that campaign again how about PPC rate it will start with...
  9. E


    Hi there! Help! Can someone give me an advice about how to get some sellers on my auction website? Any suggestions?(auctionworm) Thank you Can't reply to PM,(need 15 posts :D)
  10. S

    How to build An auction website?

    Hello blackhat. I got a plan with an auction website to develop. I search around the web for a good script to implement the website, but can't find the right one. I wan't something simple and efective with SEO mind. One bidding website (auction) powerfull and stable without bugs. Can somebody...
  11. D

    Im looking for a Flippa bidder

    Anyone could bid at my flippa lisitng? Would bid back or add few buck every bid. Bid wanted just below reserve price, so no problem to anyone
  12. D

    Need clone of Myhammer, Mybuilder tradesman site

    hi there, i need a clone with the same function as myworkman yourworkman bigbuildersbum topworkmen mybuilder findatrade easytradequotes iwantatradesman i found someone sell the script in here: guruscript /workermap for 100usd i don't like the design but if it can be like those above it...
  13. mystery

    What's Wrong With My Campaign?!!

    Ok, so I've set my adwords campaign with ONLY four keywords as a start. My goal was to get around 200 visits to my landing page and test the conversion rate of a particular product, which my AM told me was high. After a coupla hours or so, I've received impressions between 100-150 for...
  14. P

    New eBay tool to monitor auction items via calendar

    Has anyone else tried the tool for eBay called bidCal? It is a new, free tool from Calgoo Software that allows eBay buyers to subscribe to a feed of eBay auction items, creating a personal watch list of items of interest right inside an electronic calendar. In other words, you can find...
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