bhcb blogger wordpress

  1. super-oct

    Help?How to upload The BHCB to Blogger?

    Hey Guys, I need help uploading the BHCB to blogger i bought a domain name and i want to upload the code,How can i upload it? Please Need Help ASAP!!Thanks BHW :tee:
  2. super-oct

    Is any one using the new BHCB V3?

    Hey Raza Homies!! Is any one here using the new BHCB V3? I know Brad just launched the new version just wanted to know if any one is using it now and how is it working out for you? I have the old version i email brad few times,He said that the members are going to receive the new version few...
  3. super-oct

    Is there a new website for the new BHCB V3?

    Hey Guys, I want to buy the new BHCB V3 but dont know where to get it,Is there a website?
  4. super-oct

    Who has the new BHCB V3?

    Hey guys, Is Brad launching today the new BHCB V3 who has the new version?
  5. super-oct

    Please Help?How can i add the BHCB to Wordpress?

    Hey guys, I need to add the BHCB to worldpress the free service. Please help me out i tried many things to add it but no luck, I dont own a hosting or domain just need it for free service wordpress I think brad said it only works when you use it when you own the hosting and domain,But i seen...
  6. super-oct

    Easy Question?How Can I Add My BHCB to Wordpress?

    Hello Guys, I bought my BHCB few days ago but for some reason i cant find a way to upload the code to wordpress?Any of you know how to do this?Please let me know. I have tried blogger but no luck there also!! Thanks in advance.
  7. super-oct

    Any one here has a Wordpress site with BHCB?

    Hello Guys, Just wanted to know if some one in here has a wordpress site with BHCB install,if you do can i see it? im working on one at the moment but cant figure out how the fuck add the code to the blog.:cool:
  8. super-oct

    How can i get BHCB work on blogger or wordpress

    Hey guys, How can i get bhcb to work on this 2 services,any one here using this services with bhcb? Im using CPA Lead and perfect tracking at the moment but i want to make more money with bhcb,Need some help with this issue thanks in advance.
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