Please Help?How can i add the BHCB to Wordpress?


Jul 26, 2009
Hey guys,

I need to add the BHCB to worldpress the free service.
Please help me out i tried many things to add it but no luck,

I dont own a hosting or domain just need it for free service wordpress
I think brad said it only works when you use it when you own the hosting and domain,But i seen it on free services,Help me out Please!!? :cool:
You need to be able to at least host the files somewhere otherwise it is impossible. Then you would need to call the lock.js script remotely - I don't think that is possible, to remotely call and run a script from

But i'm no expert on scripts etc so maybe someone can confirm.

Why not get a free hosting somewhere?
BHCB 3 will be released any day now and will be 100% compatible with WP.
Ok not much info giving, there has to be a playaa with some good tactics for this..

Okay, I'll explain this...

First you'll need somewhere to host the BHCB .js (JavaScript) file online.
If you don't have a paid host or don't want to pay for one then Google Ripway.

Now, upload the file and get the URL to the file.

Now put this in the header widget for WP:

<script type="text/javascript" src="http://www.THEURLTOTHESCRIPT.js"></script>

And there ya go, I'd hope you'd need no more explanations.
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