bh seo

  1. G

    Impacting Google Related Searches

    This is a long shot.. I wonder if anyone knows a tool that is capable to emulate massive searches (without getting burn by captchas) in order to design the term highlighted at "Related searches" area?
  2. Rollfic

    On ranking up a new site

    Hi, reason I posted this in BH SEO sub forum is because I wanted to quickly rank a 1 page site. Now going the traditional way, it takes months plus many factors but if I were to spend money to quickly rank by any means how much approx money is needed and QUALITY backlinks is the key? Thanks...
  3. R

    Will BH SEO hurt my site?

    I have a clothing brand for which i have been successful on my own. I do not know or comprehend SEO or any of this language used. I am sure that with some professional help i can make alot more money. and i wanted to know what can i do to get better ranking and traffic without risking my site...
  4. coeuno

    Hide my IP / TOR browser

    Hi guys, my very first post is a question for you. I'm starting with some activity in BH and I can't invest too I was wondering if, in order to start creating a little PBN (Wix site, Wordpress site, Weebly site, etc.) I can get the advantage of being anonymous at Google eyes manual...
  5. Wister_fr

    [PENGUIN] A new spam report tool for new risks?

    Hi all, I just saw that Big G launched a new spam report form for Penguin links. Even if such tools have never been really useful, I wanted to launch the topic to get your opinion about this. Any chance that the tool will be used for negative SEO purpose? A really threat for BH SEO? The...
  6. ollie9009

    How can you clean up backlinks?

    As most of us have already heard by now....Google rolled out an update over the last few days and it has penalized quite a few sites. What isn't clear is how they have determined why certain sites have suffered and others haven't. A lot of people are saying "you need to clean up those...
  7. randomsoftwaregroup

    [Case Study] Going to BH the snot out of a site and ...

    Had a site sitting there, so thought I was just see what happened if I did everything wrong on it. So I - 1) Made it a autoblog using general terms and Googles own RSS feeds to hammer a bunch of generic posts in a day 2) Keyword stuffed, keyword hid, keywords whited out 3) Stuck a bunch of rss...
  8. osmose01

    What kind of tool you are looking for and which have been never made

    Ok guy , im a professional coder ( meaning it my work and not im good) but anyway im wondering if you have any idea of a nice tool to code which i can sell who have never been made . If you have some nice idea and willing to help for the proof of concept , testing , we can deal some kind of...
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