1. ashish2112

    [HELP] Want some expired web 2.0s

    Looking for advice as to best working methods to find expired Web 2.0s I only need 3-5 of these, so if a kind, generous member doesn't mind helping out a fellow BHW member, that would be great. My niche is gaming. Blogspot, tumblr and will be preferred Please PM me the expired web...
  2. sus

    I need someone to help me

    I watched the keyword research Course on Udemy which was available free on the giveaways thread. There the course tutor said that was free tools to check the organic competition. I just blindly beleived that and started continuing my project which was on hold because I couldnot find...
  3. kingsare2

    [Journey] [Proof] From being homeless to living in Thailand.

    Introduction ****TL;DR below!!!! ******* So the other day I moved into to a homeless shelter in NYC. The shelter program has a prevention program where they try to call all of your family and friends to see if you can have a place to stay. Now I did have a place to stay, but it was all the way...
  4. mslake

    Proven Cash Making Method for the Lazy and Dim-Witted

    Here is something that works, especially around the holidays when people are charitable. Make sure you follow this formula exactly. Any deviation from exactly what someone in this forum tells you will never, ever work. 1) Get yourself a nice image of a rickety can or jar partially filled...