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    Promote artist and get discovered by listeners

    There are many software's out there, but I was hoping to get some help to find what suits me the best. I have a local band I want promote, our primary goals are: 1. Get discovered by listeners who like our music. - Get people to click on our youtube/Soundcloud/spotify links. - Get...
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    is there a section here for musicians?

    i know there are a bunch of musicians hanging around the forums and obviously some techniques on here could be used to boost a band's popularity on certain sites (for example....posting a cover on youtube..boosting it's ranking with views/comments etc...and then ranking it further which will...

    Any BHW Members In A Band?

    I was wondering if anybody here was in a band....If so post a video of you jamming out.
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    Myspace band promotion

    I need some useful tips to climb the myspacecharts and drive real people to my highest position has been 8 overall for unsigned bands but I don't understand how I reached that i'm completely off the charts.....I have a friend bot and a play increaser but I use it...
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