1. JohnKowalski

    Anyone buy one of these yet?

    Introducing LV warthunder edition:
  2. Determined Diva

    Shopping bags needed for popular designer label

    Hello everyone and a very happy 2019 to you all. As soon as the new rays of 2019 lifted and one could see the dawn of a new day and year, I got inundated with calls. One very specific need is that for shopping bags. I'm required to get around 350,000 shopping bags for a very well.known brand...
  3. Brix

    Alibayzon 50% commission

    Hi guys, Does anyone of you tried 50% commission? Definitely so big! I also check this website, you can list and add your website URL on them free. Does any tried this company?
  4. A

    Anybody want to become distributor for my bags? Most are embroidery and boutique quality

    Anybody want to become distributor for my bags? Most are embroidery and boutique quality, but not expensive. :) Thank you!
  5. B

    Dropshipping for vintage clothing

    Greetings! I am looking for a dropshipper, who would supply me with vintage clothing, mainly - bags, vallets, scarfs, shoes. As I now have limited financial capital, I would really appreciate if single product delivery could be done. Moreover, refund (if necessary) could be done if needed...
  6. benito

    Tired of Knock-Offs? Sell Your Own Label, NOW! Custom Bags, Shoes & Dresses

    Hi guys, this thread is only for those who are ready to take their business to a whole new level. If you have some money to invest, this is for you. WHY SELLING OTHER PEOPLE'S BRANDS? SELL YOUR OWN LABEL! I can do custom shoes, bags, and dresses with your own brand/label. You can even decide...
  7. xbox360gurl70s

    Fedex cracking on my Fake Bag business

    As we all know 1/2 of my lucrative MULTI-THOUSAND (hehe) dollars business lives and die with my fake bags (china) shipping to satisfied customer in the USA. Ever since I stayed back at my homeland here in Asia, I was able to sell $300-$500 handbags (which cost around $10 each) plenty of times...
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